Looking for a new clan (in General)

Picasso January 23 2008 11:52 AM EST

Hey all, I'm looking for a new clan to join. My score for clan points in the past month is Picasso (109,358), so you can see I fight a lot, and I buy my BA every day.

Let me know if you've got an opening for a 715k MPR char and would like a new member.


Colonel Custard January 23 2008 11:55 AM EST

We don't have room for 715k MPR, but the Duckigator's welcome in The Dark Carnival anytime you'd like!

Picasso January 23 2008 11:57 AM EST

yeah thanks =D I'll keep that in mind

drudge January 23 2008 1:37 PM EST

Trigger Happy would like to have you, picasso

firemonkey January 23 2008 2:51 PM EST

fight for me is open and with plenty of room

DrAcO5676 [The Knighthood III] January 23 2008 4:24 PM EST

I vouch for Picasso... former clannie of mine... he stays positive quite well and he does burn most if not all of his daily ba ^_^

Picasso January 23 2008 4:28 PM EST

Hehe, thanks Draco, I've gone with Trigger Happy, thanks!
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