Chat down? (in General)

Hyrule Castle January 25 2008 7:08 PM EST

is chat down for anyone else?

Esoteric January 25 2008 7:08 PM EST

Brent killed it. Seriously.

N0seBLeeD January 25 2008 7:10 PM EST

Yep. Down.

QBOddBird January 25 2008 7:10 PM EST

Yeah, Brent killed Chat.

Which is just a little awesome, but still bad.

Hyrule Castle January 25 2008 7:11 PM EST

What the hell!! SNK FIX IT!

BootyGod January 25 2008 7:12 PM EST

SNK!!! DARN YOU!!!!!!

AdminG Beee January 25 2008 7:14 PM EST

It' s problyy for the berts Beer Barrel

DrAcO5676 [The Knighthood III] January 25 2008 7:15 PM EST

I didn't want to chat anyways!

AdminG Beee January 25 2008 7:16 PM EST


Hyrule Castle January 25 2008 7:16 PM EST

well i dont anymore now that its done, c ya guys (in the mean time thanks to snk this can be the chat)

sure its a little slower, but where else can we chat!

BootyGod January 25 2008 7:17 PM EST

In my head.

j'bob January 25 2008 7:19 PM EST

I've heard stories about that "place" GW.... I'm not sure I want to go there.

DrAcO5676 [The Knighthood III] January 25 2008 7:19 PM EST

In the Bathroom?

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] January 25 2008 7:37 PM EST

cool I'm chatting with no one...

Hyrule Castle January 25 2008 7:42 PM EST

yea, thanks snk, you big meanie!

SNK3R January 25 2008 7:43 PM EST

I only did this so as to get another "Hate Brent" thread going.

It's been way too long since one has been up. ;)

I still blame OddBird...

Thraklight Resonance January 25 2008 7:44 PM EST

Since I'm a newly drafted chat op, I decided to take this time to practice random kicks and kills into the chat void to get it all out of my system.

Wouldn't it suck if chat blender somehow stored those somewhere and started distributing them at random. /kill Jonathan :-)

[P]Mitt January 25 2008 8:02 PM EST

Psh, I think SNK killed chat so he can keep his 1.7M MPR char and 5M :)

SNK3R January 25 2008 8:03 PM EST

LoL, Mitt.

Someone's on the ball! :P

Max January 25 2008 8:10 PM EST

Actually chat works fine for me and Brent. I just don't see anyone else in is all. Are you sure you guys are still having issues?

[P]Mitt January 25 2008 8:12 PM EST

(Ping timeout to server. Reconnecting. You may have have missed a few seconds of messaging.)

Still Problems :(

TheHatchetman January 25 2008 8:14 PM EST

So who did what?
When? Why? How?


drudge January 25 2008 8:14 PM EST

nope it works fine; everyone else try refreshing your cookies. if ur on wireless, try to seek higher ground for better reception.

N0seBLeeD January 25 2008 8:15 PM EST

*Carries computer and speakers and mouse and keyboard and router and chips to the attic*


QBBast [Hidden Agenda] January 25 2008 8:21 PM EST

I like chat this way!

Flamey January 25 2008 8:24 PM EST

how do you "refresh" cookies?

QBOddBird January 25 2008 8:27 PM EST

Um...I still get nothing.

drudge January 25 2008 8:31 PM EST

haha u guys crack me up

drudge January 25 2008 8:31 PM EST

peace out! weekend is now started!

QBOddBird January 25 2008 8:33 PM EST

I cleared out my cookies and that did NOTHIN.

Admin{CB1}Slayer333 [SHIELD] January 25 2008 8:34 PM EST

Gawsh SNK, way to go.

N0seBLeeD January 25 2008 8:37 PM EST

Grr drudge, filling us with false hope :(

QBOddBird January 25 2008 8:48 PM EST

This lack of Chat has forced me to actually use all 160 of my BA....and go to the stores... and I saw the 0 BA page for the first time in forever. Now I'm playing that new Zombie game Gun recommended!

Side note: I'm amazed that I get 15% better fight rewards with a Jig on than with my TSA and BoM. Lower PR. Huh. I also didn't realize that together that was a 73% STR bonus...

SNK3R January 25 2008 8:58 PM EST

I did it for you, Bast.

Marry me? ;)

j'bob January 25 2008 9:10 PM EST

Zombie game? What is this Zombie game???!!!

j'bob January 25 2008 9:11 PM EST

Oh, and Bast... i'd take brent up on his proposal... he's got a pretty... eye?

AdminJonathan January 25 2008 11:33 PM EST

restarted chat

Armageddon January 25 2008 11:35 PM EST

yay! my chat is back up
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