a question about evasion (in General)

lotien January 25 2008 8:58 PM EST

so why do we need to train strength for archery and blood lust but not train dexterity for evasion? i mean if DX equals speed then it doesnt make since to not have to train DX for evasion does it?

Max January 25 2008 9:03 PM EST

Evasion: Reduces the effectiveness of enemy DX and plus-to-hit enchantments. So, train archery, forge plus and get DX. Then evasion combats that combo thus giving mages an unfair advantage. *cough* /\00/\ *cough*

Admindudemus [jabberwocky] January 25 2008 9:24 PM EST

any character using those skills will already be training strength. if you want to base mages skills off of something then it should also be something they already train. so give us full effect of evasion with only training it to 1/4 of our dd and you've got yourself a deal.

if you are instead looking for realism in an online game then why not just logoff cb and join the s.c.a.

Max January 25 2008 9:26 PM EST

I'm not basing mage skills off of anything. I answered the question. Unfair advantage comment is obligatory when someone posts like this, duh?

Admindudemus [jabberwocky] January 25 2008 9:30 PM EST

and my comment was for the original post, duh!

Max January 25 2008 9:32 PM EST

duh!? :-) Sorry, I am very much bored. *runs to play Sonny*

Colonel Custard January 26 2008 12:37 AM EST

This would make Evasion rather inconvenient for a lot of minions, as they would have to be training 2 things to get the same effect. I do see how that is kinda the point (and a good idea to counter the all-XP-into Evasion + RBF strat), but it would hurt things like, say, Evasion Mages, who may already have completely legitimate XP dilution, and whose strategies would be made no-longer-viable by this sort of change.

However, I could see it working in a way similar to archery, where 1.0 would get you 90% of the effect, and none would get you 20%. That way, a mage could choose to up their DX to get the greater effect of Evasion, or just concentrate all of that xp into their DD spell and HP. It also wouldn't have to be 20-90%, it could be a different minimum amount. I do like the idea of the cap being 90%, though, just so that it'a a little bit more work to counter melee weapons in particular. Plus, archery has a 90% PTH cap for everything except the ELB, and since that's what Evasion seems to be designed to counter, it could help balance it.

Colonel Custard January 26 2008 12:39 AM EST

Except it would have to work in the opposite direction of that in which Archery works, where the DX has to be a certain percentage of the Skill level, rather than the skill being a certain level of the DX. Otherwise, you could keep your DX at 20 and your Evasion would be maxed out already at base, and all the way up as high as you train it.
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