I'll pay you for all these things! (in Services)

Colonel Custard January 25 2008 9:34 PM EST

I have many things I wish to spend my money on, and I figured I'd post them all together, and let YOU decide which you want to take upon yourself!


1. I have a BoM +11 that I would like taken up to +26, which is a little over a 3 mil job.

2. I have an SoD that is currently 38mil NW, and my Weapon Allowance is nearing twice that. I have 19mil to pay with, so you can just have at it (because you're never going to forge it as fast as my WA increases), assuming I can get an equivalent ranged weapon as a loaner.

3. I have a Combat Gi +63 that I would like taken up to ~+75-ish. This is also around a 3 mil job.

4. I have some +14 HGs. If someone wants to forge about 12 mil into them, so that they match the biggest pair in the game, I can compensate you.

If anyone has one of the above items, pre-upgraded, that they would like to trade to me for my lower one + some cash, we may be able to work that out, as well.

I have a loaner for the BoM, assuming someone takes the job in the next 2 weeks, but for the other things, I will need to rent/borrow some similar equipment. And, if you have something suitable I can borrow for the duration of the forging, I can compensate you.

If someone wants to level an SF (lvl 880k) or FF (level 440k), that would be cool, too.

So CM or reply to the thread with rates/time estimate/what have you, and we'll try to work something out, eh?
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