I have a stupid idea! (Admin attention, please) (in General)

Colonel Custard January 27 2008 12:38 AM EST

Let's make people's characters auto-retire! Only the ones with 20 million dollars and 30 million NW, though. Especially if the user in question has expenses due in a couple hours.

I'm not sure when Carlton Banks got retired (I assume it was at cache flush, though I didn't really bother to check on him all day, so it could have been at any time.) What I do know is that I have about 150k $CB now.

Admins, please let me have my money? You can have a little bit of it, too, if you want. I think the normal rate is 50k?

Daz January 27 2008 12:50 AM EST

Characters auto-retire if they have a low score compared to their MPR for an extended period of time. You can usually pay 50k cash to unretire unless you find a nice admin.

Flamey January 27 2008 12:53 AM EST

you get an email saying that it will be auto-retired if you dont increase the score.

Colonel Custard January 27 2008 12:56 AM EST

Send me a chatmail. I haven't checked that email account in 3 years.

Flamey January 27 2008 1:01 AM EST

that's why you change the email you use to log in..

QBOddBird January 27 2008 1:06 AM EST

Erm. It isn't the admins' fault your character got auto-retired...

ActionAction January 27 2008 1:13 AM EST

Aren't you able to unretire your character after four days?

Colonel Custard January 27 2008 1:36 AM EST

Flamey: No. To communicate with people in-game, it only makes sense to use an in-game messaging system.

OB: I know it's not. But they can help me unretire it. That's the admin attention part. I was just saying I had a stupid idea that we should implement something like that, and that I thought the admins should weigh in with their opinions.

Forsaken: I know I can wait four days. However, I would like to use my buyable BA for today before cache flush so that I still have a clan bonus. 150k is not enough money to buy 288 BA at 2107 each. And, like I said, I have expenses due, meaning I have to pay a forger for a job he just finished that comes back to me in an hour or so.

SNK3R January 27 2008 1:52 AM EST

Unretired Carlton Banks for $50K.
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