What is the single most important thing in the gam (in New players)

MegriM January 27 2008 6:57 AM EST


Sickone January 27 2008 7:03 AM EST

Synergy >:)

TheHatchetman January 27 2008 7:07 AM EST

6 months ago, I woulda said HP... Nowadays, it's the size of your RoBF... :P

But more seriously, It's your strategy. How you build your team to take out others. Accepting that there are strats that you will not be able to beat, but capitalizing against those who you can...

This is a rock/paper/scissors type game. Everything has a weakness, most things have a strength. Focus on killing a certain type of enemy. once you've got them in the bag, diversify as much as you can to pick up newer targets without losing the old ones. There are (literally) thousands of ways to do this, and to each their own.

Talion January 27 2008 7:17 AM EST

Most important thing: Have fun.

AdminG Beee January 27 2008 7:19 AM EST

I definitely say the most important thing is the letter "e". Without it, things just don't make sense :)

That aside, for me consistency is the most important aspect of this game. If you click often enough, you will climb the ladder. Even if your strategy is not quite as "good" as the guy next to you who hasn't clicked quite as much. Make your MPR high enough through consistency, learn to have a slightly better than average strategy than the next guy, and you'll do ok.

Welcome to CB btw :)

TheHatchetman January 27 2008 7:20 AM EST

hehe... figured he was talking strategically :P

But yes, having fun is priority number 1 with any game ^_^

QBBast [Hidden Agenda] January 27 2008 7:34 AM EST

Punctuation. Punctuation is key in this game!

TheHatchetman January 27 2008 8:55 AM EST

emoticons count as punctuation ^_^

QBOddBird January 27 2008 10:31 AM EST

Like Beee says, MPR is king in this game. Even if your strat's not the greatest, if you put enough MPR behind it, you'll still win your fights.

Jamba in da Juice January 27 2008 5:02 PM EST

chat and not being a poop face

AdminQBVerifex [Serenity In Chaos] January 27 2008 5:15 PM EST

Most important thing: winning.

j'bob January 27 2008 5:35 PM EST

That's right, winning! WIN WIN WIN. Remember 2nd place is nothing but the First LOSER. ARRRRGHHH win win win win.
Though for the most part, I do enjoy proper punctuation and good grammar almost as much.

BootyGod February 1 2008 1:46 AM EST

Gud gramor? Their dumbs. Talking like dis ish kewl. Da chicks go 4 it 2!


Have fun. If you're having fun, who cares if you won. That guy in that book won. The one that beat the machine when chopping logs... But hit heart exploded... Guess he didn't really win then, huh?

Have fun. Lots of it. Can't really go wrong having fun.

[The Wretched]Freekie [Lower My Fees] February 1 2008 1:50 AM EST

That guy right above me... Thats it... End Of Story...
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