logging in (in General)

11770 [11770's clan] January 29 2008 6:34 AM EST

my brother cant login to his account can u email it to him? the account name is brandon1

QBJohnnywas January 29 2008 6:40 AM EST

No such account. Maybe it was deleted when the admin deleted the other 'brandon' accounts?

j'bob January 29 2008 9:42 AM EST

It was, I recall reading that 2 accounts were deleted and that was one of them.

j'bob January 29 2008 9:44 AM EST

/me is quick of finger and slow of mind. I recalled the last post incorrectly. Sorry for the intrusion. Please resume your regularly scheduled blending.

smallpau1 - Go Blues [Lower My Fees] January 29 2008 9:44 AM EST

i suspect multi? You said in the other thread that the other account "brandon" was a mistake using your email? Sounds interesting.

11770 [11770's clan] January 29 2008 4:17 PM EST

i had set up my brothers using my email but then i remembered u cant have more than 1 account per email so i asked 4 it 2 be deleted but didnt want brandon1 deleted

11770 [11770's clan] January 29 2008 4:18 PM EST

sorry the name was brandonhurd1 not brandon1

AdminG Beee January 29 2008 5:04 PM EST

You weren't clear with regards to what you actually wanted in this thread and I understand why Brent banned both. I'd have done the same.

Which account does your brother wish to have active?

11770 [11770's clan] January 29 2008 5:29 PM EST

brandonhurd1 is the correct one

SNK3R January 29 2008 5:43 PM EST

Fixed. (Undeleted brandonhurd1)

11770 [11770's clan] January 29 2008 10:44 PM EST


AdminNightStrike January 29 2008 10:52 PM EST

Wow, you can undelete accounts?

Lord Bob January 30 2008 8:34 AM EST

I also found that surprising.
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