yo what up ninjas? (in New players)

BOAN [why klan] January 29 2008 9:15 PM EST

theres a new juggalo on the carnage blender so anyone who has advice let be know

j'bob January 29 2008 9:17 PM EST

Hello BOAN! You can ask your mental... err.. I mean mentor for advise but also feel free to join in with the chat and ask questions there. It's just chock full of friendly people just looking to help!
and welcome to the blend!

TheHatchetman January 29 2008 9:41 PM EST

Welcome to the Carnage. For advice, it is best to ask specifics. But for general purposes I can tell you a few things... The more you are able to log on, the better you will do (duh?). Use up all your BA whenever you can. Don't worry about running out, it refreshes every 20 minutes. How much will be refreshed is based on your MPR. Maximize your rewards by seeking out the highest Challenge Bonus you can find. You do this by fighting people with higher Score (the number in parentheses by their name) than your PR. It is easiest to do this with a more concentrated strat. This is not a game where you try to train *everything*, but rather, a few things, that work well together, focused on defeating a certain type of team. More helpful advice is available if you ask specifics, whether in forums, or in chat. You can also reference Carnage Blender's wiki for info about anything about the game. Enjoy, and hold your hatchet high


QBOddBird January 29 2008 10:28 PM EST

For starters, Archery works with bows, instead of crossbows.

Neither work, however, when you have Fireball trained.
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