firemonkey/ColonelCustard deal (in Public Record)

Colonel Custard January 31 2008 5:44 AM EST

firemonkey wants to insta his 60k-ish ToA up. Since no one with a bigger ToA has made him an offer yet, he is instaing to my level 433k FF and re-inking it.

He currently has a bit over 400k on him, so we will trade tattoos and he will re-ink upon receipt. His ToA will be considered the downpayment, I guess.

He will pay me 1.8 mil (about 27.6% of NW difference) with a minimum payment of 450k per week for the next 4 weeks. If he can pay it off sooner, that is fine by me. No interest will be charged unless there is a repeated failure to make payments.

If all looks good, confirm.

firemonkey January 31 2008 5:46 AM EST

yay a new toy. sending a 70kish toa now.

Colonel Custard January 31 2008 5:55 AM EST

(Carlton Banks) firemonkey (wacko) A Fire Familiar ($7876297) 5:49 AM EST
firemonkey (wacko) [RP08]ColonelCustard
(Carlton Banks) A Tattoo of Augmentation ($1393057) 5:48 AM EST

Step one of the plan effectuated.
I guess I'll be expecting 450k by Thursday, February 7th.

firemonkey February 1 2008 1:23 PM EST

firemonkey (wacko) [RP08]ColonelCustard
(Carlton Banks) $200000 1:22 PM EST

total 200k sent

firemonkey February 3 2008 7:04 PM EST

100k more sent
300k total

firemonkey February 4 2008 7:35 AM EST

firemonkey (wacko) [RP08]ColonelCustard
(Carlton Banks) $100000 7:34 AM EST

firemonkey February 6 2008 2:48 PM EST

firemonkey (wacko) [RP08]ColonelCustard
(Carlton Banks) $50000 2:47 PM EST

total 450k

firemonkey February 7 2008 6:42 AM EST

firemonkey (wacko) [RP08]ColonelCustard
(Carlton Banks) $100000 6:41 AM EST
total 550k sent

firemonkey February 7 2008 7:35 AM EST

firemonkey (wacko) [RP08]ColonelCustard
(Carlton Banks) $100000 7:34 AM EST

650 total sent

firemonkey February 11 2008 6:19 AM EST

Recent Transfers
From IP To What When
firemonkey (wacko) [RP08]ColonelCustard
(Carlton Banks) $100000 6:18 AM EST

750 total sent

firemonkey February 11 2008 2:18 PM EST

firemonkey (wacko) [RP08]ColonelCustard
(Carlton Banks) $100000 2:17 PM EST\

850 total sent. Yay less then 1mil. to go

firemonkey February 13 2008 3:51 PM EST

firemonkey (wacko) [RP08]ColonelCustard
(Carlton Banks) $100000 3:50 PM EST

950k total sent

firemonkey February 14 2008 3:25 PM EST

firemonkey (wacko) [RP08]ColonelCustard
(Carlton Banks) $150000 3:24 PM EST

1.1mil total sent

firemonkey February 16 2008 4:57 AM EST

firemonkey (wacko) [RP08]ColonelCustard
(Carlton Banks) $200000 4:56 AM EST
1.3mil total sent

firemonkey February 16 2008 6:36 AM EST

firemonkey (wacko) [RP08]ColonelCustard
(Carlton Banks) $300000 6:35 AM EST
1.6mil total sent

firemonkey February 17 2008 6:38 AM EST

iremonkey (wacko) [RP08]ColonelCustard
(Carlton Banks) $200000 6:36 AM EST

Grand total 1.8 million CBD PAYED! And early at that /me looks for what else he can buy
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