So does the ToA add to the UC weapon? (in General)

QBOddBird January 31 2008 10:57 AM EST

I don't remember ever hearing any answer to this, nor finding out about any testing. Does it add to the UC weapon? Or does this particular weapon get left out, being that it is increased via MPR?

QBJohnnywas January 31 2008 11:32 AM EST

ToA bonus PTH definitely added to UC PTH previously. With the recent changes I'm not so sure now.

QBOddBird January 31 2008 12:50 PM EST

I know it did before...but is there even a Networth to the UC weapon that it could add to?

If so, could I potentially (using a Combat Gi and heavy Elvens/HG/AoF) go over my WA at a low level with just UC? :D

TheHatchetman January 31 2008 1:15 PM EST

Gi+ToA ftw!!! :P

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] January 31 2008 2:18 PM EST

There is a NW, somewhere near a Kat... we don't have any real info about it.

Yes a pair of HG and a Gi can make UC massively effective down low... all for a very minimal pr hit since the UC level doesn't apply to WA...

QBOddBird January 31 2008 5:37 PM EST

Since the general theory is that the (effect) of the UC weapon is both its X and its +....and UC generally has loads of + on it...ToA could just add to the X portion? :D More damage for the UC at the cost of Evasion!

Whereas currently there's no tradeoff worth putting a ToA on. You gain no PTH to the weapon, I'm betting...and the extra UC from the Gi, along with the Evasion, ends up making it just as strong and with more PTH.

AdminNightStrike January 31 2008 7:44 PM EST

The extra evasion from the CG isn't worth it considering that the TOA adds to ST and DX, as well as PTH. ST and DX on a UC minion is usually much under what it needs to be.

The UC effect was + and X before the linearity change. Now, the effect is modified by some function to equal the X.

QBOddBird January 31 2008 8:04 PM EST

In regards to sheer damage/tank power, that's true. However, a UC minion generally can't keep up with a tank anyways on those grounds...that's why I favor the Gi. More UC (PTH, damage) as well as 1/3 more Evasion and extra AC. The Evasion is so necessary for the UC tank to succeed, if you ask me....after all, it's never going to compare with the power of a real tank. It has to rely on that dodginess.

AdminNightStrike January 31 2008 11:37 PM EST

I've tested the Gi thoroughly, and it doesn't add 1/3 more evasion....

QBOddBird January 31 2008 11:41 PM EST

Really? Are you sure you shouldn't check again?

Wiki: "Grants Evasion equal to one-third of pre-bonus UC"

Item Overview: "Grants Evasion based on pre-bonus UC"

and I'll go checking through old changelogs, as well...if that's true, then it is certainly a turn for the worse for the Combat Gi.

Colonel Custard February 1 2008 12:08 AM EST

ToAs are not good for UC minions. If I took off my EC and my Combat Gi, I would lose 90+ AC and at least (20) UC effect. Yes, the ToA would up my ST considerably, and it would more than make up for the lost DX bonus I got from my EC, but I think the large loss of both x and + on my weapon is not worth it. I've run three ToA monk teams, and they all failed. The highest one didn't make it to 400k MPR before I retired it (I'm not really sure how that happened, in retrospect, and it was probably due to an assortment of other factors as well).

"If the x on your weapon is more than 1/20 of your ST, increasing your ST by 1 will increase your damage more than increasing your X. The converse is also true: if the x on your weapon is less than 1/20 of your ST, increasing your x by 1 will increase damage more than increasing your ST" -- paraphrased from something NightStrike said
The x on my UC is never going to be 50k, so I think that continually increasing it will be more beneficial than losing a huge chunk of it and doubling my ST.
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