Evasion data (in General)

Obscurans February 2 2008 5:02 AM EST

Since it was changed, isn't the old data wrong?

I also have proof evasion 20 is between 15922-5 (2% penalty from a shield captured it) - 2 separate SSs.

AdminNemesia [Demonic Serenity] February 2 2008 6:01 AM EST

The evasion data has been wrong since the training changed to 12 exp per lvl. It was never updated.

horseguy001 February 2 2008 11:58 AM EST

Although the amount of experience needed per level of effect will have remained unchanged.

AdminNightStrike February 2 2008 12:25 PM EST

The evasion table was dead-on accurate, painstakingly verified through very carefully calculated methods.

It is now all wrong.

I'm sure you could find a way to convert it to something useful. At the very least, we should put a banner saying that it's wrong.

[RX3]Cotillion February 2 2008 12:27 PM EST

I just thought that the experience was changed. When/how did the levels get changed?

TheHatchetman February 2 2008 12:46 PM EST

When experience changed, levels rescaled. Considering how high and massively unhittable many evasions got, if the levels stayed the same, there'd be more "Overpowered!!!" whining :P

[RX3]Cotillion February 2 2008 12:48 PM EST

Guess all the UC levels are off too eh? ... The experience rescale took place maybe a whole TWO days after I put it all in?...

QBOddBird February 2 2008 12:52 PM EST

Yup, it's all wrong, but it's all very close. I still consult the Evasion data table to find out approximately where my Evasion will be. :)

SO there has not been anywhere close to as much damage to that table as one might think.

TheHatchetman February 2 2008 12:53 PM EST

I spent hours myself trying out different equipment at different levels, and letting NS know what I came up with, and that's all I did... I don't even want to think about how much time was wasted trying to get exact numbers... But those currently using evasion should eventually be able to figure out a new table, soon enough...
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