Colonel Custard and the horse guy (in Public Record)

Colonel Custard February 2 2008 6:46 AM EST

horseguy wanted to borrow 4 mil, so that he could finish out his NCB strong.

(Carlton Banks) horseguy001 (Classic Gaming) $4000000 6:33 AM EST

The terms of the loan are that he will pay me back. He mentioned an approximate time frame of 2 weeks, but I will be lenient with this if it changes.

I would also like the transfer fees paid back, please. He didn't actually agree to this in chatmail, yet (because we're not on at the same times), but since it is a time-sensitive matter, I figured that we can finalize it in this thread. This means he has room to wiggle out of the extra 40k if he cares that much, though I think it's reasonable, seeing as I'm not charging any interest.

This is a long post.

Lala lala. Blalal blballblalalbla.

Confirm please.

Colonel Custard February 2 2008 6:47 AM EST

Oh. I guess it wasn't that long of a post. It's just that like 3 sentences looks huge when they're all in the narrow little rectangle here.

horseguy001 February 2 2008 11:55 AM EST

confirmed, and I will pay the xfer fees as well :)


horseguy001 February 7 2008 6:23 PM EST

horseguy001 (Classic Gaming) [RP08]ColonelCustard (Pandaman) $2500000 6:22 PM EST

1.55 mil left

horseguy001 February 13 2008 11:41 PM EST

horseguy001 (Classic Gaming) [RP08]ColonelCustard (Pandaman) $1050000 11:40 PM EST

500k to go

horseguy001 February 17 2008 12:01 PM EST

horseguy001 (Classic Gaming) [RP08]ColonelCustard (Pandaman) $500000 12:00 PM EST

all paid up, thanks again :)
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