intoducing myself (in New players)

skullpants [Black Berries on Park] February 3 2008 1:38 PM EST

I'm skullpants. I like to wear pants that are adorned with little tiny skulls which makes me perfect for this game.

RVT February 3 2008 2:03 PM EST


j'bob February 3 2008 2:04 PM EST

welcome to the blend!!! enjoy your stay. spill lots of blood. have a great time. and if you'd like to try a tattoo (or different tattoos) cm me and we'll talk.

QBBast [Hidden Agenda] February 3 2008 2:09 PM EST

Actually, in some quarters, it's an ongoing issue that we have no pants at all.

You're welcome to stay and join the propants lobby.

SuperHD February 7 2008 4:12 PM EST

ok i am Dom the superdog I look at tree grow while playing cb2

Tinman February 8 2008 5:32 PM EST

I'm an idiot but that's ok....I've killed a lot of people today (sung in sing song voice with bleary look in eyes)
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