Bonus Times (in General)

Relic February 5 2008 8:02 PM EST

I am curious as to why during bonus exp or bonus money times, the other variable gets whacked by almost 500%.

During bonus exp time shouldn't the bonus of exp be the _only_ change. Why do my money rewards drop by -500% during that same time.

On the flipside, why does exp drop almost -500% during bonus money times? Shouldn't the _bonus_ be isolated?

For a person in the 10/10 or 9/10 BA rate it is a huge detriment because I regenerate a full set of BA inside the bonus time and during bonus money time I _have_ to burn BA in order to not lose some, but while doing that my rewards are getting slaughtered exp wise.

[RX3]Cotillion February 5 2008 8:46 PM EST

I guess it's because you have to make a choice. Either take the XP or the Cash increase. That's why they're back to back.

On a side note, I'd like to know why bot checks seem to double during Wacky times.

N0seBLeeD February 5 2008 8:46 PM EST

Well it's not really bonus times if you have to sacrifice another.

YOU February 5 2008 8:52 PM EST

Fair? Think again.
In Normal time:
TheOne defeated Sox Jr (death by jabberwocky) after 8 rounds of combat
Cash (total) $1251
XP (per minion) 2763

Challenge bonus 100%
Clan bonus 14.6%
NCB (xp only) 215%

BA Cost: $2100

In money time:
Cash (total) $751
XP (per minion) 763

Challenge bonus 100%
Clan bonus 14.6%
NCB (xp only) 215%
Bonus money time 60% more money

BA Cost: $2100

All I am saying is: what the heck is going on.

N0seBLeeD February 5 2008 8:53 PM EST

Yeah, the %'s aren't consistent.

YOU February 5 2008 8:55 PM EST

I was hoping that BA cost < rewards in at least money time. The difference is steep.

Ulord[NK] February 5 2008 8:56 PM EST

The variance of rewards are quite high. You essentially put up one example at the up extreme and compared to another example at the down extreme. Try repeating at least 100 BA and post the average.

[RX3]Cotillion February 5 2008 8:58 PM EST

If you want to show data, you're going to have to use more than one example... More like 20... You, me, and the rest of CB knows how random the numbers/rewards are in battles.

miteke [Superheros] February 5 2008 9:04 PM EST

Bot checks are more common during busier times. Wacky times are usually busiest, so you will see more bot checks. I have absolutely no proof of what I'm saying though.

lostling February 5 2008 9:39 PM EST

simple YOU... NCB enuff said lol

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] February 5 2008 9:45 PM EST

I think all YOU's example has shown is that smaller chars getting 100% chal bonuses are making far too much money...

Ulord[NK] February 5 2008 9:48 PM EST

That's nothing new. YOU is at the height of his money making capacity. It'll tune down sharply as his CB goes down. If anything, this illustrate how useless it is to forge.

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] February 5 2008 9:49 PM EST

stays high if you (cough) keep retraining

Ulord[NK] February 5 2008 9:51 PM EST

At the expense of character growth. Yes it is a viable strategy if you simply want to gather money. If that money is spent toward NCB/char hiring, it will be removed from the economy anyways. The sad part would be if people start milking the cash just to sell off to usd. Honestly, working at McDonald pays out more for the amount of time spent.

AdminNightStrike February 5 2008 10:51 PM EST

Use Avoid's method to determine your average rewards during XP/Money time. As I recall, it's a 60% penalty to the "other" stat.

QBOddBird February 5 2008 11:04 PM EST

Ulord - not if you count in gas money! ;'D

Ulord[NK] February 5 2008 11:06 PM EST

Not if you run multiple paper route! No commuting required!

Relic February 5 2008 11:30 PM EST

"Use Avoid's method to determine your average rewards during XP/Money time. As I recall, it's a 60% penalty to the "other" stat."

I just tested 15 fights all with the following bonuses.

Challenge bonus 100%
Clan bonus 10.1%
NCB (xp only) 219%
Bonus money time 60% more money

The average money gain was 891 and the average exp gain was 211.2.

Taking into account the logic from above and subtracting out the bonus for money we get the following:

891 * .4 = 356.4 (this should be my normal average money reward, 40% of what I am getting during 60% more money time)

211.2 * 1.6 = 337.92 (this should be my normal average exp reward, 60% more than what I am getting during the 60% more money time)

Now, we will have to wait until the bonus money time is over, but I can already tell you I average almost 1k exp per battle during normal time, and around 600 cb2 per battle. I will get more accurate numbers in a bit.

Is something way off to anyone else with these amounts? I mean shouldn't a bonus be just that a bonus? Why is the "other" stat being hit so hard during the _bonus_ time?

Ulord[NK] February 5 2008 11:48 PM EST

With the kind of variance we see with rewards, it'd be best to use a bigger sample size. You reduce standard deviation by sqrt(sample size) if you take multiple samples. sqrt(15) is less than 4. Try 50 samples.

Ulord[NK] February 5 2008 11:51 PM EST

meant to say by factor of 1/sqrt(sample size)
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