Why can I still not sign on FB as OddBird? (in Off-topic)

OddBooty February 6 2008 2:49 PM EST


QBOddBird February 6 2008 9:17 PM EST

C'mon, Jon.

TheHatchetman February 6 2008 9:18 PM EST

some lamer has already taken the name :P

QBOddBird February 6 2008 9:18 PM EST

Pssst, OddBooty = FB account

TheHatchetman February 6 2008 9:29 PM EST

Psst, I got that part, but ya can't be Oddbird and Oddbird... :P

QBOddBird February 6 2008 9:30 PM EST

I was pretty sure Jon said he was merging the two accounts of those who tested FB. This would be nice.

Side note: I couldn't sign on CB from my Uni. I got in one, was in for about 10 minutes, and then after that whenever I tried to log in it immediately booted me back out. I don't think I can play CB from there anymore. =(

AdminNightStrike February 6 2008 10:30 PM EST

I thought he said that the FB accounts were all purged after the beta test period...

j'bob February 6 2008 10:32 PM EST

+ 1 to NS.
I wanna say "nuked" was actually the word he used.
But I'm not sure. I'm just bored.

TheHatchetman February 6 2008 11:19 PM EST

Burn the multi!!! :P

QBOddBird February 6 2008 11:29 PM EST

He did say that.

However, I and someone else (drudge I think?) still have ours.

QBOddBird February 6 2008 11:30 PM EST

Sure enough. Do a quick search for drudge and I'm pretty sure this guy: drudge[FB] is drudge's FB account. ;'D

SNK3R February 7 2008 12:18 AM EST

"To clarify, the accounts weren't deleted, just moved "out of the way" so you can link your real account. I'm lazy so I'm leaving the actual deletion to the process that automatically deletes idle accounts. :)" - Jonathan


AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] February 7 2008 12:45 AM EST

remove the cookie for carnageblender.com and you should be able to login from the university machine

QBOddBird February 7 2008 1:15 AM EST

Alright. I'll try that tomorrow...easier way to do it is simply to see if I can still log in from a different machine, since I'm the only one there who plays CB.

GummyBear February 7 2008 1:23 AM EST

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