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Serdash February 6 2008 6:18 PM EST

Hello thar people.

I just joined up, and I'm getting used to the game, even though I have no idea what I'm doing specifically.

So I'm just picking a random thing to level, and leveling it. It's gone gg so far.

I've finally gotten to the point where I'm running out of BA at a quick rate, though, so it's started to get a bit boring. :P

Jake the Snayke February 6 2008 6:27 PM EST

Hello there.
You may want to cut down on some of that stuff you are training. Man it is alot for such a new character.
Im sure someone will say something more thoughtful than I can.

Armageddon February 6 2008 6:28 PM EST

It will become more fun when you begin to understand the strategy. Take some time to learn what each spell and skill does. Once you learn what they do, make combinations to dominate others ^_^

Even if we're fighting and killing each other, we are a very friendly community on Carnage Blender, so feel free to ask questions when you have them.

j'bob February 6 2008 6:28 PM EST

Welcome to the Blend! At first just picking something will seem ok cause the game is new and fun. If it's starting to bore you, try reading a bit of the wiki and figure out a strategy that might be a little successful. If you liked the game right off, there's a really good chance you'll like it more as you go, if you put a little effort into it.
Ask questions, talk to your mentor (they're there to help) and kill kill kill!

Serdash February 6 2008 6:29 PM EST

What do you mean by that? You mean not training four different skills or so? I actually only learned those so I could have them. I've been raising only 1-2 skills per minion.

j'bob February 6 2008 6:31 PM EST

Here it is often better to be really good at one thing as opposed to just ok at a bunch. Simplify, especially right now, and learn what all the spells/skills do. It'll be worth your while.

Serdash February 6 2008 7:11 PM EST

Well, right now I'm not aiming to be the best of the best, I just want to have some fun.

Can anyone maybe elaborate on what [44x2] on a weapon means? Is that [Damage x Number of Attacks] or something similar? I'm sure this was explained somewhere and I just missed it. ;P

j'bob February 6 2008 7:18 PM EST

Weapons are described as Weapon [base x damage modifier] (+ to-hit)

Straight from the wiki. Click on Help! in the upper left hand corner, then go down and under Items / Spells / Skills click on weapons.

It's better if you read about it yourself, then if you still have questions they are more easily addressed and the people here who know most about this game (not me sadly) are all more than happy to help. Spend some time browsing the Help! section... it'll really.. um, help. :p

TheHatchetman February 6 2008 7:37 PM EST

random weapon [axb] (+c)

a = base of the weapon, higher the better. Until you hit the "Big Five", a higher base makes for cheaper upgrades, and a more efficient output

b= damage multiplier. it doesn't mean x2 will do twice as much damage as an x1, but it will deal a decent bit more damage. higher multiplier, higher damage dealt ^_^

c= CTH modifier. On top of DX, + (also known as pth) can increase your end chance to hit. Chance to hit is calculated as a percentage. With a decent DX advantage over your opponent and a good amount of + on your weapon, you can often get CTH of over two to four hundred percent. With a 50% CTH, you will hit half the time, and miss the other half. With 250% CTH, you will hit twice every time, and get a third shot about half the time. enemies using Evasion and/or Displacement boots can also modify your CTH negatively...

For more information on weapons, check here. ^_^

Macabre February 6 2008 8:26 PM EST

Hi Serdash! Good luck with the game, and have fun!
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