A bug in the Standard... (in General)

KittehShinobu February 10 2008 9:44 PM EST

<Shinobu> same server error
<Shinobu> exact same problem as was 20-30 minutes ago
<Shinobu> and all I did was click on Fight on just ONE person on the fightlist.
<Shinobu> and only once.....
<Shinobu> and yet there doesnt seem to be a problem with the favorite list... its the Standard list thats bugged
<Shinobu> Gun, the cookies are not the problem
<Shinobu> but why would the game bug up so badly like this?
<Lamuness> Shin, usually I just click on home, and fight the same person again
<Lamuness> error goes away for me when I do that
<Shinobu> well this is the second time I am suspended BECAUSE of this stupid error

<Shinobu> well... ^_^ its back and its back to not working
<Shinobu> Is there a server update or something?
<Shinobu> since from the looks of it, I;ll end up with a 3rd suspension
<edyit> ?
<Shinobu> Since I came on here, the fight list is bugging out, comming up with a message about fighting more than once
<Shinobu> it suspended me 2 times now and I've been waiting patiently every time
<edyit> odd i've been burning over 300 ba and nothing happened to me
<Shinobu> it happens ALOT often in the Standard list
<Shinobu> not the favorites
<Shinobu> If you clicked on fight before your last one finished, you will get this error. Remember, 'your last one' could have been a challenge page, so moving to another activity is NOT safe at this point.
<Shinobu> I have been scrolling the standard list to ADD more people to keep the favorite list from dying off slowly...
<Shinobu> Didn't I say it's not polite to fight more than one battle at a time? You'll have to wait about 30 minutes now for fight to be reenabled.
<edyit> ouch
<Shinobu> so what should I do Edyit, this is the 3rd time now and I normally be DONE my BA list by now
<edyit> i dunno what to tell you there
<edyit> whats the fine?
<Shinobu> there is no fine
<Shinobu> its just suspended fight list starting from 10 minutes, adding 10 minutes every time
<Shinobu> and this ALWAYS seems to happen when I TRY to fight opponents in the Standard list... and it occassionally happens in the favorite list too
<edyit> i dunno shin, i've never had that happen to me
<Shinobu> -_-' and I am doing what I "always" do every time... this should not be happenning

^_^ If ya read the log above, it shows how frustrated this is making me. There does NOT seem to be much of a remedy for this. It happens alot more often when in the standard list but not the favorite list. I was in the standard list rolling through the list as I always do every single day picking out fights won to add to my favorite list, but so far I've been suspended 3 times because of this bug. I did what the others had suggested, but it has not stopped. Next time I can fight again, I'll try to stay in the favorite list since I know what will happen in the standard list. This is the first time this has ever happenned to me in several years of playing this good game... but its just frustrating to the point. I use Firefox, and have been to play this game, so this bug seems to be recent. can anyone help me, or get the admins to look this over?

KittehShinobu February 10 2008 10:18 PM EST

>.> stupid thing... ^_^ it seems to be a bit more better now... =3 I'll write an update if it happens again
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