Trying my hand at forging (in Services)

firemonkey February 11 2008 2:07 PM EST

Ok so I have done some forging for myself and have had good luck with doing so. Now I am looking to earn some CBDs I would like to get a small project going . It seems like 65% is a reasonable rate for this service, however I will offer my first customer a discount and will except a small project for 60%. I reserve all rights. PM or CM me an offer.

YOU February 11 2008 4:41 PM EST

will forge for me at 60%. Item has been sent for 1 week and will looking forward for a 5mil increase minimum on the item. Post your update here as please.

firemonkey February 12 2008 2:15 PM EST

I will be forging the amulet. most likely will not be able to add 5mil because AAC is a pain to forge and slow going look to see a +1 maby a +2 added to it

firemonkey February 12 2008 3:29 PM EST

rpm is at 50.500 this is very slow going and i should not have excepted this job but i will still do what i can

YOU February 14 2008 10:29 AM EST

3 days and not even 200k NW increase? sad! I want xfer fee back.

Fanta [Fanta's Forge] February 14 2008 1:29 PM EST

You can't expect much forging to be done on that AoAC, considering his MPR and that he doesn't have a NUB bonus to forging (I think). Assuming he doesn't have the NUB for forging, he'd be losing money even if you paid him like 300%.

firemonkey February 14 2008 3:07 PM EST

+1 added i will not be forging again for a long while it was a bad idea. just wanted to try my hand at it.

Ulord[NK] February 14 2008 3:09 PM EST

What do you expect at 60% nw increase? Tip to new players: forging at anything below 70% and you might as well give me your money. It's plain bad business.

Colonel Custard February 14 2008 3:44 PM EST

"3 days and not even 200k NW increase? sad! I want xfer fee back." Psh! Forge your own Amulet, man.

You demand 5 mil NW increase in a week on an item with a very bad forge efficiency... not happening. Maybe you could get Ranger to forge for you? In light of his MPR, he might get it up around 4.8 mil.

TheHatchetman February 14 2008 9:08 PM EST

I would estimate Ranger could top out at ~3m nw /week added to an AoAC... 4.5m if he bought all his BA...

QBOddBird February 15 2008 3:05 AM EST

"3 days and not even 200k NW increase? sad! I want xfer fee back."

Wow, I can't believe you'd complain about the forging work after conning him into doing 60% on an ammy of all items...most forgers won't even work on them.

firemonkey February 15 2008 2:56 PM EST

NW is now $878,432 balance due $144,036. When someone takes a forge job just to try out forging and only charges 60% especialy something like an ammie do not complain about slow or little progress. If and when i go back to forging I will not tolarate complaining about what I've done or i will not work on the item at all.

firemonkey February 16 2008 6:32 AM EST

wasp payed 144k for YOU
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