*presents flowers* (in Off-topic)

BootyGod February 13 2008 1:47 AM EST

Heyz! I'm lookin 4 a pretty, nice gurl to share my life with. If u interested, whisper me in game. I'm sexy. And not a nerd at all. I play sports. Football. Center field.


<The_Hatchetman> omg, i am saving an omega carp (damn things 800 lbs) for the first person to make a thread looking for a bf/gf...

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] February 13 2008 1:49 AM EST

You're going to get sold for parts GW...

TheHatchetman February 13 2008 1:50 AM EST

CB is not a dating service...

/me carps the crap outta GW with the aforementioned carp

BootyGod February 13 2008 1:52 AM EST


ActionAction February 13 2008 2:14 AM EST

Why hello there.

BootyGod February 13 2008 2:17 AM EST

Hey, baby *wink, wink*


TheHatchetman February 13 2008 2:22 AM EST


? She ain't *that* ugly... :P

BootyGod February 13 2008 2:25 AM EST

Oh... That was COLD. I was laughing because of the "Hey, baby" which is cliched as hell.

QBOddBird February 13 2008 11:54 AM EST

Just in case any of you women were thrown off my Pips' introduction, let me expand for you.

He really, really needs a woman to share his life with. Not out of desperation, no, but simply because it is such an experience that one cannot take it all in alone. He's not just sexy - he's smart. His favorite past-time is ping-pong, and he's extremely good at math and unafraid to let you know.

If you like pina coladas and getting caught in the rain...Pips is for you. Oh yeah, and that -is- a pocket protector, but he's still happy to see you. ;)

BootyGod February 13 2008 4:32 PM EST


It's all TRUE! ;P

ScY February 14 2008 2:56 PM EST

I enjoy long walks at the beach.....


well this is akward

Ulord[NK] February 14 2008 3:03 PM EST

Best... Thread... Ever...

Brakke Bres [Ow man] February 14 2008 3:21 PM EST

Shall we start a dating service for GW?

A Lesser AR of 15 [Red Permanent Assurance] February 14 2008 3:37 PM EST

Tip: CB is not a dating service, so no pestering people. <- ty lumpy

Let's start pestering him _more_ instead of finding him a date. Same babble, less touching.

BootyGod February 14 2008 7:42 PM EST

I'm still waiting for Brent to come in with that quote he once got *wink, wink*

And, pfft, like I need a dating service. I'm dead sexy. Literally ^.^

Flatcap [East Milwaukee Devival] February 14 2008 7:48 PM EST


BootyGod February 14 2008 7:49 PM EST

WOW. No idea what to say to that. ROFL.

Flatcap [East Milwaukee Devival] February 14 2008 7:49 PM EST

Rowr *wink wink*

BootyGod February 14 2008 7:52 PM EST

Lmbo. Rawr!

ActionAction February 14 2008 8:08 PM EST

"And, pfft, like I need a dating service. I'm dead sexy. Literally ^.^"


You have no idea how hard I'm laughing :).

BootyGod February 14 2008 8:17 PM EST


On a similar note, does anyone have ANY idea how hard it is to tell when someone is flirting with you if neither of you speak the same language?

On the same note, can anyone teach me Spanish? ;P

TheHatchetman February 14 2008 8:51 PM EST

Very little flirting involves words... It's almost all in the eyes, actions/reactions, and the tone of the words themselves... And if ya can't pick up on what's flirting, and what's just friendly, you have a long road ahead of you... :P

Flatcap [East Milwaukee Devival] February 14 2008 10:20 PM EST

"On the same note, can anyone teach me Spanish? ;P"

Try the google translator, It'll be amusing ;)

RVT February 15 2008 11:36 PM EST

Yo te enseno como hablar en espanol, pero te voy a tener que cobrar. :)

BootyGod February 17 2008 10:38 PM EST

Still looking ;P

QBOddBird February 18 2008 1:26 AM EST

...and achieving the same success as the last 10 years.

BootyGod February 18 2008 1:48 AM EST

Actually, a bit worse I was a PLAYA when I was 9 <.<


QBOddBird February 18 2008 1:56 AM EST

Perhaps the problem is that you kept targeting other 9 y.o.'s, even though you've grown up?

ActionAction February 18 2008 2:12 AM EST

"Perhaps the problem is that you kept targeting other 9 y.o.'s, even though you've grown up?"


BootyGod February 18 2008 3:06 AM EST

I tried for a good 5 minutes to retort with something witty. I failed. However...

OB, you live in Alabama. By default, I win.

Flatcap [East Milwaukee Devival] February 18 2008 4:05 AM EST

IT's easy to pick up girls at 9 man, Roll down the sidewalk on your bigwheel, pop out some jolly ranchers and ask her if she wants to come back to your pad and watch barney!

On another note, The ladies tend to not hang on CB. They be fillin the coffee shops bars and the streets! Get otta your chair and dig some up :P Some of em are even staight!

Also nerdy girls are hot.

Flamey February 18 2008 4:09 AM EST

"Also nerdy girls are hot"


Lochnivar February 18 2008 4:58 AM EST

well my young friends I see you are in need of my sage words....

In situations like this I feel it is beneficial to relate the complex topic (dating) to a simple surrogate (choosing a restaurant).
Please follow along:

There are a lot of criteria involved in choosing the right restaurant for you.
1) what kind of food do you prefer
2) what is your budget
3) how long since you last ate

First, preference is the most important consideration here. Myself I prefer something high class where I can enjoy caviar, kobe beef, and a nice vintage chianti. Let's face it, given the opportunity most of us will opt for the best possible restaurant out there. This causes problems. It drives the prices up and reduces availability. It might take a lot of calls and waiting before you get into the restaurant (if you do at all). So we must learn to temper preference with a dose of reality..... not everyone can eat at the best restaurant.

Secondly, not everyone can afford the best restaurant. Sure the lobster looks great but if you can only afford salad and a glass of water then dinner is gonna suck. Steak and dessert at the Keg is much more satisfying than salad and your town's finest restaurant.
(if the Keg is you town's finest restaurant move, seriously, do it NOW)

Finally, how long since your last meal? The Keg is great, but sometimes there are lines and it isn't exactly a supply of quick and easy supply of food. If it has been a really long time you may be better off grabbing the nearest sure thing, be it Taco Bell or BK or even Mickey D's. Sure it isn't anything to get excited about but it beats cooking for yourself. These places are cheap, fast, and always open..... not something to brag about to your friends, but sufficient in what the provide.

Now some of you may find it unpalatable to sink to the third bracket of restaurants and your pride may start to starve you.
There is a solution:
Go out and drink. Alcohol makes all food more appealing and will actually shift your bias towards the greasy salty cheap foods. When it's 2am and you're hungry any food will do. Thus you get a meal and heck, tomorrow you can try for that fancy restaurant.

Any questions?

BootyGod February 18 2008 5:02 AM EST

Just to clarify....

You want to have physical relations with a fancy cow and some fish eggs, but you end up having to settle for popping a meatloaf in the microwave?

*ish confused*


Lochnivar February 18 2008 5:08 AM EST

Pip is lost.....

it was a metaphor Pip..... not an indecent proposal to my dinner....

Subtlety is such a waste sometimes...

(and I bet the Keg is your town's finest restaurant)

BootyGod February 18 2008 5:14 AM EST

You mean Atlanta's finest restaurant? I doubt it. Not when there is a place called OB's BBQ here.

And not wasted. Ignored. There's a difference.

*throws a swedish meatball at Loch and runs*

Flatcap [East Milwaukee Devival] February 18 2008 5:16 AM EST

He means of the supermodel at the end of the bar throws her drink in your face and her not as attractive freind impacts your groin with her knee. The Lady of the night chainsmoking outside the mens room with a bottle of whiskey might be the better choice

Lochnivar February 18 2008 5:21 AM EST

Please keep your Swedish meatballs away from me!
And if I had known you were from Atlanta I never would have made the Keg comment (I also would have used much smaller words ;P )

"Lady of the night chain smoking with a bottle of whiskey'?
Dude, what kind of bars do you go to? And do they check for weapons and provide you with one if you arrive unarmed?

I really should not forum post at 2am

Flatcap [East Milwaukee Devival] February 18 2008 5:28 AM EST

The best bars have hookers and 1 dollar shots :P Besides where else can you get a basket of fries and a pitcher of beer for five bucks?

BootyGod February 18 2008 5:32 AM EST

Or you should get a good bit more wasted first ;P

Flatcap [East Milwaukee Devival] February 18 2008 9:59 AM EST

Just carry around a picture of Tammy Fay Baker in your wallet, hold it up next to any prospective encounters and say to yourself "Well at least it's not Tammy fay" Anyone is lovely by comparison

BootyGod February 18 2008 4:26 PM EST

Lmbo. So true, and so cruel.

QBOddBird February 18 2008 4:58 PM EST

"OB, you live in Alabama. By default, I win."

Are you kidding? Where you live, dating implies sitting by a river, playing a banjo, and waiting for some sucker to come floating past...

Lochnivar February 18 2008 5:37 PM EST

Thanks for the nightmares Flatcap......

She won't stop staring at me......

/me runs off to nearest monastery.

Flatcap [East Milwaukee Devival] February 18 2008 6:29 PM EST

Yeah think I should turn that into a char portrait, maybe end battles by fright alone

BootyGod February 18 2008 7:29 PM EST

Atlanta is not Georgia. Atlanta being called Georgia is like calling Hawaii a part of the Pacific.

AdminQBVerifex [Serenity In Chaos] February 18 2008 7:31 PM EST

You know I see a whole lot of words here, you know all the cool singles just use A/S/L as a pickup line these days.

BootyGod February 18 2008 7:55 PM EST




j'bob February 18 2008 7:59 PM EST

Well Epiphany, since you asked, I'm a 97 yo female living in the Tibetan mountains (GREAT WI FI) and enjoy long walks in blistery cold weather. Do you have a pic you could send me? :D

BootyGod February 18 2008 8:25 PM EST

Yeah, though if you've ever seen Fabio, it's just be redundant ;P

Flatcap [East Milwaukee Devival] February 19 2008 3:46 AM EST

Fabio? Hes practically a woman....

Flamey February 19 2008 4:27 AM EST

Loch, that post was brilliant :)

Brakke Bres [Ow man] February 19 2008 5:04 AM EST

any should mix this thread with alcohol?
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