Multi: DangerZone/xVanished and Zach/Yukon Corn (in Public Record)

SNK3R February 13 2008 9:46 PM EST

Banned DangerZone/xVanished.

Banned Zach/Yukon Cornelius.

See thread, as well as chat log (Brent has it).

Flamey February 14 2008 1:07 AM EST

that was slightly stupid.

Windwalker February 14 2008 1:21 AM EST

xVanished was my first nemesis and we talked shop daily. Helped me quite a bit in the Strategy of what does who. -really hate to see that.

SuperHD February 14 2008 1:59 AM EST

My god i guess all those multi out there are starting to get nervous, anyway i think a multi must really really like CarnageBlender because i am a one character/one minion team and i spend so many hours on CB i just would not have time to be a multi even if i wanted to (which i obviously am not cause i love my Character and those multi-seeker admin out there won't take it away from me especially when i will receive my credit card and use it to become a supporter ! it's only 10$ hello !)

By the way is there a way for a normal user to spot multi?
and do not tell me i can read about his on wiki... hihi : P

DrAcO5676 [The Knighthood III] February 14 2008 2:15 AM EST

Quick ways.... Listen to me when I say there's a multi ^_^

Otherwise look for suspicious transfers between users... same ip transfers or ip sharing that looks very suspicious... Same emails used for various accounts... stuff like that... Admins also have more features that the have at their disposal.

I do not condone searching for Multis in any way shape or form... leave it to the people that are good at it and have had years of practice...

Khardin February 14 2008 2:16 AM EST

I think it'd be great if people who bought CB$ off them told paypal they were committing fraud. At a minimum maybe they could get one of their paypal accounts frozen with money still in it.. who knows. Maybe paypal could start digging and freeze all their accounts.

Khardin February 14 2008 2:23 AM EST

er... I think what draco means to say is accusing another player of being a multi is a big accusation. It should usually only be leveled by people with experience at doing so and done so in private to an admin. If a suspicious transfer/transaction catches your eye, feel free to ask questions without trying to burn them at the stake first... but that doesn't mean every 5 minutes either.

DrAcO5676 [The Knighthood III] February 14 2008 2:26 AM EST

Spot on Khardin, Spot on.... yes leave it to those that have more experience... but it doesn't hurt to look around... but don't start spamming the Admins with accusations unless you have alot of proof.

TinTizzy February 17 2008 7:48 PM EST

wow multis like this you cant stop...

Wizard'sFirstRule February 18 2008 2:55 AM EST

I accuse PainKiller is a multi of Fasunaus (one is my character, the other user name).
let the witch hunt begin.

TheHatchetman February 18 2008 6:27 AM EST

I accuse DrAcO5676 of being DrAcO's multi...

When confronted about it, he uses an excuse involving FB... Seems kinda shady, you admins may wanna check this guy out...
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