Supportership Paid by Flatcap (in Public Record)

FuriousHobo February 14 2008 6:11 PM EST

I am paying him 1.725 mil for supportership. :) the money includes the HoC right?

Fanta [Fanta's Forge] February 14 2008 6:39 PM EST

You don't get a HoC, you get an AoL

FuriousHobo February 14 2008 6:40 PM EST

Oh really? well, that's fine i guess. :)

FuriousHobo February 14 2008 6:53 PM EST

Wait, when you pay the $10 USD for supportership, it includes the supporter item, right? Or am i wrong?

Colonel Custard February 14 2008 7:05 PM EST


Frost February 14 2008 7:33 PM EST

i remember when buying supportership costed about 100k those where fun times. :)

Flatcap [East Milwaukee Devival] February 14 2008 10:26 PM EST

Payment sent to Jon

Bull3t F4c3 February 14 2008 10:29 PM EST

frost that was when a mil was worth 20 bucks..or more even

FuriousHobo February 15 2008 8:16 PM EST

1.725 Million Sent to Flatcap. Thanks. :)
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