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BootyGod February 14 2008 8:15 PM EST

As the title says, I'm looking for a new RTS. The problem is, there are ALOT. And ALOT of them are very bad. And I'm not a fan of wasting money on something I won't even enjoy.

So here is what I'm looking for:

A Real time strategy game. I don't care if it's fantasy, world war (1, 2, 3, 9, 0, whatever), historical. Anything. I just like real-time strategy.

I loved the Age of Empire games. All of them. Though the 3rd one was great because I love unit based tactics. But that's a small thing to me, and the others were fantastic.

Starcraft = great. Star Wars: Forces of Corruption in SPACE is good, if you've played it. The armies on the ground move like southpark characters in cardboard. I like smoother paced games.

Both Xbox 360 and PC are fine. I don't really care which (controls are important, yes, but there are tons of RTS on 360 that work)

So give me recommendations/ideas/ whatever. Thanks! =D


On a seperate note, I'm looking for somewhere online I can buy the following DVDS in a SET.

Star Wars: Episodes 1,2 and 3.

Matrix: 1, 2 and 3.

That's it on my shopping list for now.

I REALLY appreciate any help ya'll can give. Danke! =D

Frost February 14 2008 8:22 PM EST

oh that reminds me there was a rumor of Dynasty warriors going online a long time ago maby you should look that up....maby they might have romance online? post back if you find anything good

ScY February 14 2008 8:31 PM EST

Get the warcraft battlechest (yes I know its kinda old) and download the DotA maps. Probably one of the best games on the internet. I would go into more detail, but I am tired :D

Tyriel [123456789] February 14 2008 8:33 PM EST

Wait for Starcraft II. ;)

BootyGod February 14 2008 8:37 PM EST

On that note, two more things.

I want to play it SOON ;P

AND, I don't care so much about online play. I'm looking for VERY good skirmish play, even more so than campaigns. I like picking up a game, spending an hour or two on a good fight, then going about my day. Etc, etc. Not to say campaign isn't important...

Brakke Bres [Ow man] February 14 2008 9:16 PM EST

im playing medieval 2 total war at present, the unit building and construction are turn based but the attacking and planning are in real time.

Bull3t F4c3 February 14 2008 9:43 PM EST

warcraft 3 w/ frozen throne expansion. it should be about 20 to 30 bucks. you can download various custom games, but i prefer the online ladder which is straight RTS. game involves the need to micro your base and units at the same time and also scout your opponent to know which units you need to build and counter with. Its very much so a game of rock paper scissors. great game and you can always mess around with dumb custom games if you get bored

Admin{CB1}Slayer333 [SHIELD] February 14 2008 9:49 PM EST

Medieval 2: Total War (and the Kingdoms expansion) or Rome Total War, I'm drawn to Medieval 2 at the moment, but most of the time I like Rome better :)

Or: Red Alert 2, if you want me to beat you around in some online play ;)

Daz February 14 2008 10:12 PM EST

Dawn of War is always a good choice. It's nice and balanced. It's also unit based, but that may be less important that in AoE3 (I haven't played it). DoW is better if you like Warhammer 40k, but it's still enjoyable without. If you have played Company of Heroes, the game is very similar to that. I prefer DoW. I have a friend who prefers CoH. Just depends on how you play, I guess.

Flatcap [East Milwaukee Devival] February 14 2008 10:42 PM EST

Homeworld is old but one of the most fun strategy games I've played, homeworld 2, not as good

QBOddBird February 14 2008 11:32 PM EST

Simply, just come play Risk online on Facebook with me. ;'D

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] February 15 2008 12:24 PM EST

I love 40K, but am not a fan of DoW.

If you don't obliterate your opponents in an early rush, there's no way to win.

You can't run them out of resources, and if you both survive the rush, the game lasts for ever.

Obscurans February 15 2008 1:12 PM EST

Kinda like the 40+ millenia of war in 40k eh?

AdminNightStrike February 15 2008 1:23 PM EST

Dune 2 :)

Blarg February 15 2008 2:59 PM EST

"Wait for Starcraft II. ;)"

{cb1}Linguala February 15 2008 3:50 PM EST

Have you tried any of the command&conquer games?
Or supreme commander?
Or perhaps you'll enjoy an online session of empire earth?(this one is an old game, there's a new one coming, but that's beside the point).
I can certainly say you don't want to try nexus.

ActionAction February 18 2008 2:24 AM EST

Wolfy should just come and play SC on Bnet with me :).

BootyGod February 18 2008 3:46 AM EST


IndependenZ February 18 2008 7:03 AM EST

Red Alert 2... I loved that game. But, since I can't find it, I fired up C&C Generals: Zero Hour. And I still love it!

aphex February 18 2008 9:40 AM EST

It was mentioned earlier, but Company of Heroes is an amazing game.

If you're into WWII games of course. I'm a fanatic.
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