NUB rewards question (in General)

Cube February 17 2008 1:51 AM EST

Why is the bonus to the cash reward based off of the top MPR as well? I'm just curious because it seems as the top MPR gets larger and larger then NUB get even larger multipliers to cash.. Could someone explain the reasoning behind this? Or correct me?

It just seems like it should be based off of something else.. or a fixed bonus.

Frost February 17 2008 2:08 AM EST

how do you know that? you have a diffrent char with NUB?

Fanta [Fanta's Forge] February 17 2008 2:19 AM EST

I don't know the answer, but man he's just asking a question, no need to jump straight to the conclusion that he's a multi.

AdminNightStrike February 17 2008 2:23 AM EST

"how do you know that? you have a diffrent char with NUB?"

He can read? It's all over the forums and the wiki....

Regarding your question, the reason is that as time goes on, a new player needs more of a bonus to catch up to the ever-growing players that were here when the new player joined. A bonus of any value now will not be enough for a new player joining in, say, 6 months.

Cube February 17 2008 5:05 AM EST

@Frost yes I can read and talk to people, and for the four months it was there during each fight with the explanation and percentage.

I'm just wondering if the cash bonus should be based on one of these two statistics below.. Just a thought because it seems odd that the cash bonus is based off of mpr because that is more of a measure of xp. I'm not really sure how it'd work. It just seems that when for example the max mpr becomes I don't know.. 10 million mpr? The bonus will be what three times what it is now? Does one really need 3x the cash because the mpr is higher?

$4,273,607,698 total liquid assets
$30,346,924,403 total item net worth

{cb1}Linguala February 17 2008 5:56 AM EST

3 times more cash means you can get the rarer equipment 3 times faster and actually upgrade them at the blacksmith any time you feel the need for it.

Especially a weapon that is near the weapon allowance will help out alot, if you're not a mage that is.
Keeping your equipment in par with your mpr will help you win much more chars with better challenge bonus.
The sooner and the longer you can keep the challenge bonus at 100% or real high, the faster you will be able to grow.
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