Possible exploit with transfer fees (in General)

TheHatchetman February 21 2008 1:34 AM EST

I just checked the transfer fee of my larger char for a sale, and it said $2,496,195. Then I realized I had left over 2.4m on them, so I took that off, to find that transfer fees were still $2,496,195. So I put it on my rental char (with no items on it), and found that the transfer fee for a 0MPR char with over 3m in cash is only 50k. Figured I'd point that out as something that may need some fixing ^_^

Flamey February 21 2008 1:35 AM EST

I don't get it.

ActionAction February 21 2008 1:38 AM EST

You can transfer lots of money on a low MPR character for no cost :P.

TheHatchetman February 21 2008 1:53 AM EST

for example. If I go to send NS 5 mil, I can create a brand new char, give the char the 10m, and transfer the char to NS for 50k, as opposed to using the External Transfers link and paying a 100k transfer fee. Only thing stopping people from doing this now is morals, and if the person they're sending to has five chars... :P

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] February 21 2008 2:30 AM EST

This didn't used to be the case...

TheHatchetman February 21 2008 2:43 AM EST

"If I go to send NS 5 mil"

should read

"If I go to send NS 10 mil"

Flamey February 21 2008 2:46 AM EST

well there'd be no point for anything under 5 mil. The xfer for 5 mil is 50k, so even at 20 mil, you'd save 200k.

QBOddBird February 21 2008 2:50 AM EST

Yes, but CB is richer than ever today. Just look at page one on liquid assets, everyone there has 10M+

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] February 21 2008 2:56 AM EST

the item xfers are far more important...
I'll test this tomorrow

Flamey February 21 2008 4:30 AM EST

correction, you'd save 150k off a 20 mil transfer.

TheHatchetman February 21 2008 4:37 AM EST

"A transfer fee of $207,498 will apply. This fee is equal to the $50,000 plus an amount proportional to the PR of the Character, plus the sum of the item transfer fees that would apply if they were being transferred individually."

with a little over 15m nw of stuff, my rentals char goes from 50k to send to a little over 200k to send. I'm thinking that's about right. So items are counted in, but not cash. The sending thingy doesn't mention cash in the summary, so maybe this is intentional, but I doubt it...

TheHatchetman March 3 2008 10:19 PM EST

Figured I'd bring this back up. Should be an easy fix. ^_^
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