NCB or NOT? (in General)

QBJohnnywas February 24 2008 10:05 AM EST

Hmm. I just finished off my NCB, this past week, finishing off around 1.3 million mpr which I was happy with.

Then Jon readjusted the bonus. The bonus readjustment is great, but sitting here with 1.3 million MPR and knowing I could have a bigger char with the new bonus, and also knowing that lots of people are going to be bigger than that pretty soon...should I give it another go, or stick with the current char?

Little Anthony February 24 2008 10:08 AM EST

give it another go; join my clan FTW :P

Wizard'sFirstRule February 24 2008 10:09 AM EST

but it is so expensive to start a new NCB, isn't it?

QBJohnnywas February 24 2008 10:12 AM EST

I wouldn't be buying BA, but I didn't really with this one either. I'd expect to be bit bigger than this one. Otherwise I might as well stick with it. I guess my biggest concern is that I won't be able to catch up with the bigger chars. I'm doing pretty well in terms of standings and fightlist, and a lot of those will probably stick around with their current chars. So that needs to be considered.

Little Anthony February 24 2008 10:12 AM EST

with 1.3mil mpr, looks like johnny didn't buy ba before either. it is very possible that you can get higher.

Lumpy Koala February 24 2008 10:27 AM EST

Don't start a new one unless :

1) You don't like your current strat
2) You are prepared to spend a big fortune in buying BA
3) You are 100% positively sure you can miss only 1% of generated BA through out the NCB

4 months of NCB, without spending any additional money in buying BA (break even with your money earned) will probably bring you somewhere close to 1.6~1.8mil. I am pretty sure if you continue with your current char and not miss much BA + buy all BA, you will also reach 1.6~1.8mil in 4 months. The only plus side of NCB is you can bring your tattoo's level higher, but I am sure you can get find a chance to insta up fairly easy with many people trying to restart with NCB

But then again, there probably are few more changes up in Jon's sleeves. Might as well wait for them before deciding :)

Hyrule Castle February 24 2008 10:59 AM EST

i didnt buy ba with my ncb either... i made 1.5m mpr.... its been like 2 months and im only 1.6m mpr... (i dont buy BA often)

with the new bonus... up to 430%?

you should be able to make 1.8m easily...

i would stick it out for a month, so the rush of people who are making ncb's now get higher...that way you have more people to farm!

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] February 24 2008 11:55 AM EST

Do it.

Windwalker February 24 2008 12:22 PM EST

I would like to see what you come up with for another run ;) You know your not happy unless you can "stir the pot". :0

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] February 24 2008 5:50 PM EST

Don't do it.

Now would be the absolute worst time to make a NCB.

In about 4 months, Jon will recalibrate the bonus again, and I expect it will go up again. ;)

If we think it would go down, then now would be the absolute best time to make a NCB. :P

TheHatchetman February 24 2008 6:33 PM EST

LK, you are assuming he is making a run for "the top" :P he's just trying to make a fun char and have fun with the game ^_^ I say start a new NCB, as you could likely hit at least 1.7m+ by the end of it

Brakke Bres [Ow man] February 24 2008 6:37 PM EST

/me sees the new way to go the single 400 AC minion! Stalemate all the way baby yeah!

Rubberduck[T] [Hell Blenders] February 24 2008 6:37 PM EST


TheHatchetman February 24 2008 6:51 PM EST

high AC is practically useless without a massive offensive force or ToE ^_^

Xenko February 24 2008 6:57 PM EST

"Don't do it.

Now would be the absolute worst time to make a NCB.

In about 4 months, Jon will recalibrate the bonus again, and I expect it will go up again. ;) "

I think GL is right. I'd just save up money for now until the NCB bonus gets readjusted for the final time, and then use that cash to help fund the new NCB.

I guess the question is, will the next readjustment go up again, or could it drop if Jon made it too big this time?

AdminG Beee February 24 2008 7:02 PM EST

JW, go for it.
You know fine well that you love the feeling that rushing up the ladder via the NCB route gives you. If Jon comes up with a recalc in 4 months or so - start again... You're not buying BA, you're not investing USD, you're here for the long run and enjoy trying out weird and wonderful strats - go for it and start a new NCB tomorrow morning :)

TheHatchetman February 24 2008 8:28 PM EST

"Don't do it.

Now would be the absolute worst time to make a NCB.

In about 4 months, Jon will recalibrate the bonus again, and I expect it will go up again. ;) "

Then there will be massive ending bonuses again, and I'll buy your char for tat leveling ;P

Armageddon February 24 2008 9:13 PM EST

Make a NCB with me on March 10 XD

Levon [Clocked Out] February 25 2008 1:24 AM EST

hats off to [Admin]G_Beeeee!

he's up to 3M PR and still has NCB guy

Flamey February 25 2008 1:38 AM EST

Yes, if you're still going to be leveling my tat. And yes, if you're not, coz you always make NCBs :)
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