THE EPIC TULWAR CONTEST!!! ^_^ (in Contests)

Dark Hierophant [The Dragons Of RubyFang] February 24 2008 7:06 PM EST

Whoever sends me the most powerful Tulwar by Tuesday wednesday 27th wins all tulwars sent to me!!!!

1. No Loaned Tulwars count
2. It must be a Tulwar not an renamed elven long bow etc.
3. This contest must be referred to as epic!

BootyGod February 24 2008 8:54 PM EST


GummyBear February 24 2008 9:49 PM EST

wow, big prize

deifeln February 24 2008 9:50 PM EST

No Gummy, the prize is EPIC!

RubyFang [The Dragons Of RubyFang] February 26 2008 10:51 PM EST

I've donated some bonus tulwars of randon value about 10 total

Flatcap [East Milwaukee Devival] February 26 2008 11:02 PM EST

this thread needs an EPIC FORGING MONTAGE!

lostling February 26 2008 11:09 PM EST

wonder how your character is gona contain that many items

Dark Hierophant [The Dragons Of RubyFang] February 27 2008 7:10 AM EST

THE WINNER IS RubyFang!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

With his tulwar 18 times 4 Plus (21)

Congadulations RubyFang!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dark Hierophant [The Dragons Of RubyFang] February 27 2008 7:11 AM EST


TinTizzy February 27 2008 7:41 AM EST


Xenko February 27 2008 9:53 AM EST

Epic... simply epic!

deifeln February 27 2008 10:28 AM EST

I tried to send A Tulwar [18x40] (+27) last night, but DH couldn't hold anymore items.

RubyFang [The Dragons Of RubyFang] February 27 2008 3:14 PM EST

Show me and there yours

deifeln February 27 2008 4:14 PM EST

deifeln (Ka) RubyFang (Lord Devron) loan A Tulwar ($555611) -- contest tulwar 4:13 PM EST

deifeln February 27 2008 4:15 PM EST

Also, no need to send me the tulwars. I just wanted it know that I spent the better part of the day forging a tulwar so I could win this EPIC CONTEST!


QBOddBird February 27 2008 4:16 PM EST

Interesting. Big Tulwars.

RubyFang [The Dragons Of RubyFang] February 28 2008 1:04 AM EST

well you can have half then I just feel bad since you did win 30k to you lol

8DEOTWP February 29 2008 11:18 AM EST

Epic contest, epic tulwars too

deifeln February 29 2008 12:50 PM EST

A Tulwar [18x50] (+30) NW 704k

I can't stop forging this. Please, somebody help me.

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