T-26 In Auctions? (in Off-topic)

Hyrule Castle March 12 2008 1:48 PM EDT

Should it be allowed that tournament characters can bid in auctions???

I mean... i thought the economy was having troubles w/ money or whatnot ... and by having us get extra money in the tourny's...then bidding on auctions. Thats only getting adding to the problem

I'm sure this has been brought up before. But is it legit?

If i go and throw a stack of arrows on the AH with no max bid.... can i bid all my T-26 guys' money on it?!

where do we draw the line...

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] March 12 2008 1:49 PM EDT

purchases have to be near Market value
anything else is a serious violation

QBOddBird March 12 2008 2:13 PM EDT

I don't believe you can purchase your own stuff with your tourney character.

I might be wrong though...but I'm pretty sure that's the case.

TheHatchetman March 12 2008 3:35 PM EDT

market value can also be subject to supply and demand from tourney standpoint as well... for example, there were a lot of tats sold to tourney chars, many for well above market value... It wasn't an unfair attempt at transferring cash to non-tourney, it was just cuz we all needed massive tats :P

Admin{CB1}Slayer333 [SHIELD] March 12 2008 3:39 PM EDT

Like it says in the general tournament rules - abusing the auction system is a fine-able offense

tasuki [UFC] March 12 2008 4:04 PM EDT

Actually, tournament characters are taking money away from the economy.

Let's say a tourny bought a ToE for 150% (let's say 2mil) of the going market rate. So that character contributed an additional 667k to the economy on that auction.

And to get 2mil on a tournament character is like to get to 1mil on a non-tournament character; thereby, an additional 1 mil is actually gained.

So in "reality" the tournament buyer is spending 2mil (tournament money) + 1mil (money that could have been earned) and the auctioner is getting only 2mil. A virtual reduction of 333k from the economy.

Not sure if that made sense but that's how I see the picture.

Anyhoot, maybe put a time constrain on tournament character to prevent the use of the auction near the end of the tournament (to prevent "blowing" money on pointless stuff).

Ulord[NK] March 12 2008 5:13 PM EDT

Tasuki, your analysis is wrong because you don't understand how Tourney actually works. Tourney BAs are separate from real fighting BA. Hence, any value created by tourney characters are strictly in addition to what is already produced by regular gameplay.

I've been making money off tournaments for a long time now. Otherwise worthless items have great values in tournaments and can become game changers. For example, I sold a lesser RoS 50k level for almost 90% of the nw. Having the largest tattoo can have serious strategic impact and make the difference between winning or losing. That is fair behaviour and should encouraged. With monthly tourney, inflation induced in this manner is trivial.

The real problem happens when people have too much money, more money than their strategy feasibly need. This is when they start blowing it in buying rares. Worse yet, they may sell the rares in dollar auctions before the end of their tourney. The best solution? Tailor the tourney cash bonus so that everyone has just about enough to spend. That was done well in the 2 tourneys I played in. There wasn't excess cash and people need to think about what they spend their money on. That promotes strategy and makes tourney more fun. Clearly, this tourney is paying out too much money. A reduction of cash bonus would solve the inflation problem entirely.

tasuki [UFC] March 12 2008 5:17 PM EDT

I see. I didn't realize they have a separate BA. I haven't play a tournament since CB1.

QBOddBird March 12 2008 5:18 PM EDT

"A reduction of cash bonus would solve the inflation problem entirely."

You're saying this as though there's actually an inflation problem being presented. Yes, there's a small amount of extra money entering the economy. The same can be said every time a new player joins the game and starts fighting battles to produce money.

Ulord[NK] March 12 2008 8:10 PM EDT

Ooty, you are right that the inflationary effect is pretty small. But my point still stands, having too much money makes tourney worst off because you no longer have to think before you act with regards to money. I liked tourneys where that 80k to reink could cost you the game if you are too reckless with it. To have for all intent and purpose, limited cb2 to work with in a tourney eliminates the imperative to choose.

Also, it'll solve the enforcement headache for slayer. Technically, Slayer needs to keep track of any auction abuse and that can get a little murky.

QBOddBird March 12 2008 8:39 PM EDT

If that is your point, then your point is simply an opinion.

Ulord[NK] March 12 2008 9:25 PM EDT

Yes it is an opinion, it is slayer's decision on what to do with the tourney. If you disagree with my opinion, feel free to express counter opinions. I find it odd that this forum has become so combative as of late...

QBOddBird March 12 2008 9:28 PM EDT

I'm not being combative, I'm pointing out that statements made as fact were actually opinion....maybe everyone's just a wee bit defensive. Yeesh.

Ulord[NK] March 12 2008 10:08 PM EDT

Since I uttered the above posts, they can only be my opinion, not someone else's. To be literal ob, you are stating the obvious and contributing 0 to the discussion. Now I could only assume you are going to continue that with this is only your opinion, I disagree because ... Well, my last post is looking for elaboration on the latter part.

Since you gave no further discussion on the topic, the only implication is that what I said may or may not be right, which is perfectly reasonable. Being human that I am, I responded by reflex to the negative connotation that my ideas may not be right and I feel the need to defend myself.

Now, do you have an opinion on whether providing a cash bonus that is more than needed is a good thing for tourney characters?

QBOddBird March 12 2008 10:31 PM EDT

I'll forgive your lack of tact as more defensiveness.

Besides, the idea that your ideas could be wrong isn't a negative connotation. If you have to be right all the time, you're going to get in quite a number of fights in these forums. Just ask Ranger and sutekh. *grin*

I'm pretty sure HC's discussion was whether or not T chars should be able to bid in auctions - he asked the question about if he could throw a stack of arrows on the AH with no max bid and then bid all his T char's money on it, and I responded that I don't believe he can bid on his item with his own T-char. (btw, that was a contribution to the discussion.)

As for how much money Slayer decides to give the T characters, that's his prerogative. It's not causing any noticeable amount of inflation, and whether or not it is good for tourney gameplay is merely a point of opinion. I hardly even see a reason to discuss it further.

DrAcO5676 [The Knighthood III] March 13 2008 2:09 PM EDT

Slayer could also near the end of the tourney... toss some random items like THF or compounds in the auctions and have the T chars bid a BIN on them of say 500k... this would send cash over to Slayer which could then in turn get sent to Tourney Prizes for more prize money for the tournies

QBOddBird March 13 2008 3:41 PM EDT

Oooooh, that's a good thought DrAcO! :) I like that idea!

Admindudemus [jabberwocky] March 13 2008 5:37 PM EDT

at one point, i had made a similar suggestion and jon shot it down saying that he really didn't want that money to stay in the economy. granted, my suggestion was that all items and cash on tourney characters go back to tourney prizes or into auctions with tourney prizes being the seller.

DrAcO5676 [The Knighthood III] March 13 2008 11:06 PM EDT

Yeah but the money is already going into the economy... so how is a few mil more gonna make any difference...

Admindudemus [jabberwocky] March 13 2008 11:09 PM EDT

"Slayer could also near the end of the tourney... toss some random items like THF or compounds in the auctions and have the T chars bid a BIN on them of say 500k... this would send cash over to Slayer which could then in turn get sent to Tourney Prizes for more prize money for the tournies"

well it sounded to me like this was an alternative to the t chars being retired with cash on them, in which case that would be money not already going into the economy. sorry if i misunderstood though and you meant something else.
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