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Edicinnej March 14 2008 3:36 AM EDT

I am a long time Windows user. I have installed Linux before and haven't had much success with it. I think the distro I had was slackware. Anyone have experience with Ubuntu, specifically Ubuntu+compiz? Are there programs that will allow me to view and edit Power Point presentations?

Little Anthony March 14 2008 3:36 AM EDT

Ubuntu is great

Atomicboy [The Knighthood] March 14 2008 4:12 AM EDT

I like how you can flip to multiple desktops in ubuntu. To bad not a lot of my software runs on linux.

Flatcap [East Milwaukee Devival] March 14 2008 4:26 AM EDT

I use Gutsy 64 at home theres a few things to remember before installing:

Linux has traditionally had great support for Nvidia BUT Raedon cards tend to have trouble. This might change since the drivers went open source last year.

There are a few ways to install video drivers, if you use a newer Ubuntu the restricted drivers manager is handy for installing. Otherwise you need to use the shell installers from the provider, and that is no easy thing for a novice in linux.

Compiz isn't great, compiz fusion is better (comes with gutsy) But Beryl is better (can be downloaded with synaptic)

You never really buy software for Linux. Package repos will give you about everything you need as long as it is freely distributed.

And before you do ANYTHING, Make sure you know how linux directory structuring works. Hard core users say it's the cats pajamas and very logical. Frankly after using it 3 years, it still makes no sense whatsoever, I like everything for a program in the same directory line, not spread all over creation.

I really would recommend keeping a windows partition if you do alot of games, Wine support is getting better and better cedegas allright Playonlinux is fantastic yada yada theres quite a few. But none will run everything and none will run everything native.

Edicinnej March 14 2008 5:09 AM EDT

I thought Beryl was merged with compiz-fusion and the entire project renamed Compiz. Am I mistaken? I must be.

I am quasi-familiar with Linux' directory structuring. I've had access (remotely, through an NX terminal) to a machine running Ubuntu. I remember trying to install webmin with apt-get, it not working and having to build it from source. In doing all of that I broke dependancies for other programs.
I am going to be in Iraq so I doubt I will have access to repositories (depositories? something). Just using Open Office, Mozilla and Gimp how badly could I wonk my machine up?

AdminNightStrike March 14 2008 7:10 AM EDT

Ubuntu's alright... fairly easy to maintain. As long as you have net access, you can access repositories. compiz, however, is still very new. Don't expect it to be flawless.

Flatcap [East Milwaukee Devival] March 14 2008 9:22 AM EDT

As long as you have web access you can get to the repos. you really cant wonk your pc up that bad with ubuntu, it's kinda like mac os. unless you start rewriting the system filies you cant really screw up. Most programs install through synaptic so it automatically installs the dependencies for you.

Obscurans March 16 2008 2:29 AM EDT

Oh and remember to activate the world repository so that some programs you might want (that are non-open source) are available. Notably the official flash player.
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