Idea: GA Armor (in General)

iBananco [Blue Army] March 20 2008 3:39 PM EDT

Body armor. [0]. Returns either 20% flat or 1%/+ with + getting prohibitively expensive after 20 of damage dealt to the attacker, reducible by AC. Damage type is the same as the attacking damage type. Stacks with GA. The counter to an MH/BoT.

Lochnivar March 20 2008 3:43 PM EDT

I'm assuming this (like GA) would be dependent of the HP of the minion being hit....

20hp enchanters otherwise would love this item.

iBananco [Blue Army] March 20 2008 3:52 PM EDT

Yup. Just like how an MH can't drain more than 20% of the total HP.

Lord Bob March 20 2008 4:36 PM EDT

This is the "Sword Edge Armor" idea that I've been seeing for quite a while. I like it, but I'd make it a shield instead (Spiked Shield) and give it at least some AC.

iBananco [Blue Army] March 20 2008 5:42 PM EDT

It's far too powerful to be a shield. It has to be a choice between this and something equally useful.

Lord Bob March 20 2008 5:58 PM EDT

"It's far too powerful to be a shield."

Make it a Power Shield and there you go.

BootyGod March 20 2008 6:35 PM EDT

RAZOR SHIELD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cube March 20 2008 6:35 PM EDT

TSA and GA Shield? Sounds evil.

8DEOTWP March 20 2008 7:28 PM EDT

Sounds awesome.. I second the idea.
Someone is bound to say it is a FORS, blahh.

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] March 20 2008 7:36 PM EDT

TSA, RZR Shield + Decay. ;)

Wizard'sFirstRule March 20 2008 8:41 PM EDT

that is just like GA+decay, you still can do it.
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