where can i buy supporter item? (in New players)

SuperHD March 21 2008 10:37 AM EDT

where can i buy a jigorokano familiar and a rune of enlightment directly from J. Ellis ? I remember reading something on wiki about buying supporter item directly from Jonathan Ellis.. but i dont find the page anymore anyone know?

j'bob March 21 2008 10:44 AM EDT

super, you can only get the CURRENT supporter item from jon. any past items must be gotten from the community. and don't worry... you only really need ONE kidney, right?

Wizard'sFirstRule March 21 2008 6:20 PM EDT

jbob is right about you can only buy the current supporter item, but I never knew the community is into organ harvesting. *gasp*

SuperHD March 21 2008 6:27 PM EDT

j'bob is always right !

SuperHD March 30 2008 11:59 AM EDT

ok so i can only buy the present supporter item from jonny, how do i do this
a, supporter, happy customer ask me to buy her amulet of leadership(present supporter item) how can i do this?

Bull3t F4c3 April 2 2008 6:35 AM EDT

paypal jon 6 bucks and he will give you one

smallpau1 - Go Blues [Lower My Fees] April 2 2008 9:47 AM EDT

Community > Refer Someone > Supporter
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