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j'bob March 22 2008 5:59 PM EDT

So hi, I'm j'bob and I like giving stuff away. Sadly I'm not so wealthy and can't give away cars and such but...
I'm gonna give new players a chance to win some minor prizes just by learning about this wonderful game!!!
Here's the word. Any player who's account is 31 days old or less from the date I post a question here is eligible to answer that question for a PRIZE. (again, I'm not rich so don't start thinking AoF, if you even know what that is!)
First correct post wins. Good spelling is nice, but not vital to winning. :D

Which 2 familiars do NOT have a lesser version?

Eccle123 March 22 2008 6:03 PM EDT

halidon and jiggy?

j'bob March 22 2008 6:10 PM EDT

Well that was fast. I guess the questions will have to be a bit tougher. ;p
Congrats Eccle! By the way, which white haired thingy in the pic are you?
j'bob (The Crow) Eccle123 (Desger) A Pair of Leather Boots ($22503) -- you win! 6:09 PM EDT

Eccle123 March 22 2008 6:18 PM EDT

i was dressed as a polar bear for that pic, it was a good night.

Cheers for the contest!

SuperHD March 22 2008 6:22 PM EDT

congratulation eccle123 job well done very nice polar bear costum
and dont forget to put polish over those leather boots to keep them waterproof...hahaha

J'bob, i am very anxious to see the next questions, like everyone else i guess.

j'bob March 22 2008 6:57 PM EDT

After some thinking I've decided to cut the age of the accounts eligible to 15 days or newer. With the way the NUB works by the time you get any farther than that my "prizes" just aren't gonna seem that exciting anymore. ;p
Also, you can't have won anything in this contest with in the last 5 days.


What is biggest factor in deciding your battle rewards?

This one may be open to debate but my contest and I have the final word! :D

j'bob March 23 2008 5:59 PM EDT


Organ Doughner [Fees Dirt Cheap] March 23 2008 6:29 PM EDT

I guess there's not that many people that are less than 15 days old =\

j'bob March 23 2008 6:34 PM EDT

lol, and that my friend Doh is what I was worried about to begin with. Getting the attention of people that new. But like I said beyond that I don't have much to offer that they can't get. It was a fun idea and will stay open if anyone that new decides to look. :D

Wizard'sFirstRule March 23 2008 6:54 PM EDT

N*B Bonus?
I am not new, but my character is.

Crazhedit March 24 2008 9:53 PM EDT

The biggest factor is...
Your PR compared to your opponents Score?

j'bob March 24 2008 9:57 PM EDT

Well done Craz... hope you're enjoying the blender so far! Enjoy (or sell or auction off) your new Lesser ToA. If you like how it works try to get a regular one as soon as you can tho. :D
j'bob (nothing to see here) Crazhedit (Haginator) A Lesser Tattoo of Augmentation ($5920)

j'bob March 24 2008 11:08 PM EDT

There are currently 3 pieces of Armor that add to a minion's DX. Name them.

(And sorry PK, the limit applies to the account, not the character. ;p)

ZacharyZiggZagg March 31 2008 5:28 AM EDT

Elven Boots, Elven Cloak, Elven Gloves?
I'm guessing XD
Well kinda.
You never know O.O

Flamey March 31 2008 6:02 AM EDT

You'd be right.

j'bob March 31 2008 8:03 AM EDT

You'd be right indeed! Congratulations and welcome to the blender! (Thanks for keeping the thread up till I got up Flamey)
Enjoy your new lesser Rune of Balrog Flame (check under armor)!. And talk to your mentor. You've got a lot going on son. ;D

j'bob March 31 2008 6:49 PM EDT

NEXT QUESTION! (Be sure to see the revised rules in post #6)

If you have Cone of Cold (a DD spell) trained to any level and also have a bow (and arrows!) and a melee weapon all on the same minion, what will fire and in what order? (Please answer for ranged AND melee).

ZacharyZiggZagg April 3 2008 5:22 AM EDT

Gees. That sucks. I would answer that but I can't.
Oh and uh... ^.^" don't mention the mentor.

lostling April 3 2008 5:28 AM EDT

/me knows and grins

Usul [CHOAM] April 6 2008 4:45 AM EDT

In ranged, the bow + arrow will fire. In melee, only the Cold of Cone will work.

I learned it yesterday by learning Decay + a whip, I supposed CoC works the same.

j'bob April 6 2008 12:53 PM EDT

Correct! If a DD spell is trained at any level, it will fire and over ride any weapons you have equipped! One of the most common mistakes made by me... err new players. :D
I see you already have a nice new Tat, but heres another (lesser), sell or auction it, whatever you please. Thanks for playing!
j'bob (nothing to see here) Ryosuke (Savanna) A Lesser Fire Familiar ($5920) -- Correct answer! 12:51 PM EDT
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