I need a 5mil loan before 25 mars XP time end (in Services)

SuperHD March 25 2008 7:20 AM EDT

yes i need a 5 mil loan for those boots in Auction only 5 hour left please if you wanna loan me do a thread i'll respond to it
it will be easy to repay for me since after this elven boots i wont buy anything :) my char will be complete..well for now..
ok thanks

Flamey March 25 2008 7:22 AM EDT

looking for a loan should be in FS/WTB, just a heads up.

AdminNightStrike March 25 2008 7:32 AM EDT

"This forum is for loans and forging services offered and wanted."

Looks like he's doing the right thing, Flamey.

Hotdog - Contact Godwolf for all loan needs.

Obscurans March 25 2008 7:33 AM EDT

Err you wanted the EBs? I sorta bought them with my cash :'|

SuperHD March 25 2008 8:05 AM EDT

yeah nightstrike that is what i was thinking too...
U lucky Obscuran great purchase

ok thread close :(

Don't Panic March 25 2008 8:16 AM EDT

I thought you were quitting? Why are you trying to buy EB's if you're quitting?

Flamey March 25 2008 8:20 AM EDT

NS I thought you could loan out in services, not look for one. My bad, I wasn't aware of it.
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