N*B bonus (in General)

lostling March 28 2008 2:17 PM EDT

thought this deserved its own thread :)

personally i would think it was better if

1. NUB started after 1 month of normal

2. NUB gets reduced bonus to cash

3. bonus should be changed to a fixed bonus... length of duration changed according to the length of the game

Sickone March 28 2008 2:27 PM EDT

Just thought I'd say it again too, then :)

1. No special time-limited N*B bonuses, all bonuses would simply apply to all characters at all times
2. Rolling XP bonus (low MPR = highest bonus, high MPR = lowest bonus)
3. Optional, rolling CB$ bonus too (low MPR = lowest bonus, high MPR = highest bonus)

Lord Bob March 28 2008 5:32 PM EDT

Personally i would think it was better if the N*B was scrapped entirely and replaced with something else, probably a rolling bonus as has been discussed profusely.

Here some rough and undeveloped ideas on how we can treat new users and chars:
- Rolling XP Bonus. This applies to ALL characters. Now we only have to solve the problem of extra cash for new users.
- New users still get their purchaseable BA for free, allowing them a huge head start.
- New users get increasing cash "allowances" every month, starting at, say 10,000 and increasing up to 10,000,000 on their last bonus month. But I know Jon is against giving players something for "nothing," so I suggest this is only given out to active new users, or it is linked to milestones or something rather than rationed out every month.
- Users under the new "NUB" might get discounts at the store, services, transfer fees, whatever.

Ulord[NK] March 28 2008 5:38 PM EDT

Jon has made it fairly clear that he does not want a strict rolling bonus... A straight rolling bonus is akin to having no BA cap. You will always be able to normalize the growth to someone who consistently play even if you are absent for a while eventually.

A delayed nub would be a good idea, though it is important to make the nubs understand the concept. Tutorial might need to be revamped...

Lord Bob March 28 2008 6:12 PM EDT

I understand that the rolling bonus isn't a perfect solution. It's just light years better than the N*B that we have now.

Wizard'sFirstRule March 28 2008 6:17 PM EDT

just to catch up to ranger takes a lot of effort even with N*B at the moment. I think LA is the only N*B that goes near the top by some distance.

Sickone March 28 2008 6:43 PM EDT

"A straight rolling bonus is akin to having no BA cap. You will always be able to normalize the growth to someone who consistently play even if you are absent for a while eventually."

And that would be a bad thing because... what ?
What's the problem if somebody who fell behind for some reason gets a chance to catch up ?

Besides, nobody says you should completely normalize the rolling bonus, you might just as well cease granting any bonuses at all at a certain percentage of top MPR or even at a certain percentage of the average of top X MPRs (X=3,5,10, whatever)... as much as you like, so that past a certain point, you always have to put more effort in as the leaders, and the closer you get, the slower you catch up anyway.

Flamey March 28 2008 8:27 PM EDT

But once you pass someone in MPR ranking wont your bonus be lower than their's? and then they'll overtake you, and vice versa. Mainly because we all use the same amount of BA.

Ancient Anubis March 28 2008 8:55 PM EDT

might as well put in my 2 cents

I like the idea of delayed N*B bonus to allow nubs to try the game, get advice and think up a strat then they get their nub bonus run

Secondly N*B ba shouldn't be free cheaper than an ncb maybe but not free.

Thirdly i have no probs with the ncb. u can do 1 every 4 months try a new strat build up your money, buy equipment and eventually build and focus on a 'dream team" the ncb and N*B allow new and old players to reach a reasonably competitive mpr before they join 'real time" no bonus play.

Remember also people u don't need to have the biggest mpr to beat people in the top ranks u look at all the fightlists and their alll over the place 2.5mil mprs beating 3mil mprs who in turn can beat 3.4 mil mprs who also lose to 2.8mil mprs. Don't look at strategy as merely an exp only gaining exercise this game if u wish to do well takes alot of planning skill and determination and i just ask people to look at it as such.

And yes this might be harder for some due to real life situations restricting time here but people must realise this is a complex thought provoking strategy game that does require a fair degree of imput. The regular players understand this and stay because either they are willing and able to put the effort in and if not they come so they can play a little but mainly to enjoy the community.

The fact is not everyone can be pleased but that is life we do what we can. And yes when started it was hard for me working 3 jobs and having limited time but things changed and nearly 2 years later i've started an ncb that is going fairly well and should get me up into the higher end of the game.

Eurynome Bartleby [Bartleby's] March 28 2008 9:28 PM EDT

Let's hope I do not unknowingly steal someone's idea here, I've been in and out for some time, and I do not always have time to read the forums :)

So, what I was thinking about is:

Everybody gets an initial bonus. (All chars) Giving you a chance, if you spend all BA, to catch up to the top MPR (or close) in 4 months. Then, when that is over, your bonus stops. Unless you stop fighting with the char for an extended period of time. (Or fight less than the optimal number of battles.) During that period, the bonus slowly regenerates, until it is back to the value needed to catch the top MPR in four months, by buying and using all BA.

What this does is render the use of old characters to reach the top feasible, while not making you work less. You still gotta be dedicated, for a period of time inversely proportional to the time you were not. (Or less.)

Because really, once a char's bonus dies, and you are absent for let's say, a month, then that char is basically scrapped, and that...sucks, imo.

From the top of my head. Or is it the bottom?...


Ulord[NK] March 29 2008 12:34 AM EDT

Well said AA. That is exactly my sentiment. With some hard work and dedication, any player has the mean to gather the resources they need and get to a position to challenge the top spot. Having somewhat less MPR (not to mention you still have the minion hiring option if you are financially well prepared) will force you to specialize and strategize in order to defeat the top players. This has been done before, at under 2mil mpr even. For that, I think Jon has leveled the playing field without giving things away. The game is more equitable than it has ever been in the years I've played it.
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