NUB hypothetical question (in General)

Sickone March 30 2008 2:32 AM EDT

Say I give up everything I have, send absolutely each and every item and cash I have to "Central Bank", without sending any of it to anybody else.
Would I then be allowed to dump the account altogether and start a NUB account ?
If no, why not ?

bartjan March 30 2008 3:07 AM EDT

Nope, not allowed.

Why? Because you can't also send the experience and knowledge about CB you've built up to Central Bank...

Sickone March 30 2008 4:18 AM EDT

Ok, so if I would have learned absolutely nothing and only played, like, the first 300 BA, or not even those, can that compare to the knowledge that, say, Little Anthony got ?

Sickone March 30 2008 4:19 AM EDT

Or what if I just stop playing for a couple of months and come back ?
The account should get deleted by then.
Am I allowed to start a NUB "properly" then ?

Wizard'sFirstRule March 30 2008 4:47 AM EDT

suppose I have a brain-wash operation and send the receipt to central bank? would I be able to start a new NUB then?

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] March 30 2008 4:57 AM EDT

sadly in the "hypothetical" situation you described it would of course be completely legit...

This is one of a the few "legal" ways to abuse to NUB, I'd like to see accounts take years (now it's months) to be deleted to prevent this.

Sickone March 30 2008 6:37 AM EDT

If only NUBs wouldn't have so many advantages over NCBs, there would be no incentive to do that...
I mean, come on... free "extra" BA, cash bonus too (not just XP)... there's too much of an advantage, even with minimal game knowledge.
And, assuming some game knowledge too (which shouldn't be THAT difficult, since, hey, wiki), it's down to activity levels and not much more.

Sickone March 30 2008 6:46 AM EDT

Or, again, hypothetically speaking, what speaks agains, say, convincing my "brother" to play CB ?
As long as I never help "him" at all with CB$ or gear (and neither of us ever uses CB$<->USD transactions ever), apparently, it's all considered ok in here (I remember reading about somebody explaining that he re-rented a RoE to his brother or somesuch when some IP-based accusations started floating).

Talion March 30 2008 6:59 AM EDT

Sickone, I don't want to sound mean but if you try any of you hypothetical situations, I hope you get caught and banned forever. It's not personal. I would wish the same thing on anyone trying to start more than one NUB.

N0seBLeeD March 30 2008 7:18 AM EDT

LOL. Admins, keep an eye on this guy. His "brother" may start playing. Uh-huh.


Sickone March 30 2008 7:56 AM EDT

Heh, I understand what you mean Talion :)
Of course, all of the above hypothetical situations have only one purpose, to draw attention to things that feel out of place yet somehow "the community" built up some sort of immunity to it.

The matter of CB$<->USD transactions being not only tolerated, but downright supported (free use of the forums, warnings of banning for "scamming" and so on), which lead to the "USD items" crysis (see countless threads about USD weapons vs evasion, for instance), and the fact that NUBs get also a big CB$ bonus (not just an XP bonus and free BA).
The matter of NUB getting huge incentives compared to NCB, so great the differences that even if you'd give up everything you gained in the first run of a less-than-stellar NUB, you're still (arguably MUCH) better off with a new NUB instead of a NCB.
And so on and so forth.

What I'm probably trying to say ?
I guess it's "nerf NUB, boost NCB" or somesuch.
Oh, and "ban USD trades", but that's a whole different can of worms.

Sickone March 30 2008 8:02 AM EDT

To put it mildly but sternly, I see absolutely no reason whatsoever to grant any "special bonuses" for a NUB (compared to a NCB) as long as USD trades are legal, and no reason to grant double "special bonuses" even if USD trades became illegal.
In other words, if USD trades exist, have neither free BA nor extra cash income... if USD trades become forbidden, either keep free BA or extra cash (but not both).
Sure, my NUB has run out, and I kinda' wasted most of it due to inactivity, so I might not be in the best position to criticize it... but still...

Admindudemus [jabberwocky] March 30 2008 9:12 AM EDT

much of it is based on the honor system. unfortunately in this case the honorable ones tend to get punished while the dishonorable ones get rewarded.

we have already had one alternative though, in cb1 there was no ability to catch up without years of work and usd involvement. the top echelon was stagnant and very stale.

is it worth the trade-off? only jon can answer that one i suppose.

[RX3]Cotillion March 30 2008 9:46 AM EDT

If the length of the NUB bonus were longer and the % lowered, it would probably cut down on people thinking about this and lower the NUB sellout rate.

8DEOTWP March 30 2008 4:24 PM EDT

Double the length of the NUB and cut the bonuses in half. Or
Have a page explaining the NUB and NCB that is shown to new users and then linked on the sidebar until their bonus runs out.
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