Increasing occurences of server errors (in General)

Sickone April 3 2008 10:20 PM EDT

I used to only get them on the forums-related pages right after a fresh changelog, but now the forums seem fine (at least for the time being), and it moved on to the battles pages (where I never ever had them before, even when the forums pages were acting up).

I have no idea what's causing them (since it's so erratic, they just come and go), and I have no idea how many other people are affected (but I do recall a few people mentioning getting stuck in bot checks they never saw), so I guess I can only ask how many more people got affected and where exactly.

Anyway, I hope it can be solved as soon as possible, since, well, not being able to use your BA is quite a big no-no IMHO.

8DEOTWP April 3 2008 10:23 PM EDT

randomly when fighting.. leads to the CPU resources page

Sickone April 3 2008 10:27 PM EDT

Yeah, the first time it gets stuck on a 404-like "service unavailable / error something / AOLblahblah" page, and if you try to fight at all afterwards (same or a different opponent, with or without a significant wait in between) you go to the "stop fighting more than a fight at a time, CPU issues" page, which eventually leads to the "can't fight for 10 minutes" page if you keep trying every now and then.

8DEOTWP April 3 2008 10:28 PM EDT

haven't got to the last page yet, but yeah

Paddy Boy April 3 2008 11:30 PM EDT

Yeah. I won't say that I'm certain, 'cause I've been known to have a brain fart every now and then, but I get that [don't click so fast] (basically) message a lot now. As opposed to never in about 2 years.
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