Junctioned Familiar or Single Mage? (in General)

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] April 4 2008 3:49 AM EDT

Given the recent changes, as a single minion team, which would you run?

A Junction Minion with AG + AoF with a Familiar (FF probably). For max DD boosting (although incoming AMF will be increased by the AoF as well), and ignoring this whole encumbrance deal.

Or a single Mage with a ToE and NSC. Training more DD than the familiar, and getting AMF reduciton and the ToE reduction to backlash damage.

Cube April 4 2008 4:18 AM EDT

ToE will probably be better, unless one has lots of cash to spend

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] April 4 2008 4:22 AM EDT

Why cash? Both are as inexpensive as each other, aren't they?

Cube April 4 2008 4:28 AM EDT

If you junction to a familiar, you don't have to worry about Encumbrance.

QBJohnnywas April 4 2008 4:46 AM EDT

FB mages are on the rise again; even with a RoE they're powerful enough right now to hit score of 3 or 4 times their MPR; provided you put enough XP into the DD.

Talion April 4 2008 6:10 AM EDT

If you go with the familiar, don't worry. The Encumbrance factor will sort of go away at high levels. I am nowhere near my Encumbrance values right now (at least $10M away on both minions).

Ulord[NK] April 4 2008 11:07 AM EDT

Yep mage builds are quite unconcerned about encumbrance, especially before 6/20 when you are stripping all the gear you can anyways. I'm at about 5mil on my big mage nw wise and my encum limit is 76mil. I won't ever use DB so I don't see myself using that up ever.

SMBF + FF/IF is a terrible strategy. That's because your familiar is forced to stay in front and you have to choose between junction and evasion. Pick junction and you are mince meat to any archers on the planet (despite the recent change, you are not going to out dps archers if they hit you 4 times). Pick evasion and your familiar is as good as a 20 hp minion against archers. (dies first round, never fires off dd). SMBF + endurance is the optimal single minion config, though you really should be using RoE if you are not leveling your tattoo. To be truly competitive as a mage, be prepared to hire minions.
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