Hi im back! (in New players)

MasterCasper April 5 2008 11:44 AM EDT

Ive been away for awhile but cb lured me back, im here to kick butt and eat cake and im all out of cake!

smallpau1 - Go Blues [Lower My Fees] April 11 2008 10:02 AM EDT

What was your old account name? And why didnt you use that one to "start again" ?

QBOddBird April 11 2008 11:34 AM EDT

might've been purged, pau1. :P

TheHatchetman April 11 2008 11:45 AM EDT

What smallpau1 really means to say is "Welcome MasterCasper! Not many people stick around... not sure why... But I hope you do!"

And to add to that, I say, "Konnichiwizzle! Welcome to the blend, where it's kill *and* be killed 24/7! ^_^"

j'bob April 11 2008 11:48 AM EDT

No, what he ment was, "here, have some cake. did you know that multi's like cake, burn the CAKE!"
or something like that. Welcome to the Blender. :D
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