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drudge April 13 2008 5:28 PM EDT

Skip the beta email signup at the homepage and give me your eamil address, I will mail u an invite right away!

What is Haven't heard people talk in chat about laying mines or looting crates??
  • take a quick tour here!
  • brief description at their homepage

    my take on it: its more or less a way for other internet users to share their favorite, wacky, zany, interesting, humorus, resourceful, trippy, or musical websites with you!

    Current CB2 players signed up:
  • G_beee
  • verifex
  • oddbird
  • sutekh
  • bartjan
  • bast
  • drudge
  • -your_name_here--- sign up now!
    just reply back with ur email address or chatmail me your email address if u do not want it displayed in forums
  • QBOddBird April 13 2008 5:29 PM EDT

    As soon as I can afford one I'm mining this thread.

    drudge April 13 2008 5:31 PM EDT

    ill view it through google to avoid the mines =)

    bartjan April 13 2008 5:36 PM EDT

    How does my name end up being associated with a website I've never heard of?

    AdminG Beee April 13 2008 6:13 PM EDT

    Aren't you only allowed to sign-up two players per week?

    Also, I guess this thread is almost advertising a referral link for you given the benefits you get from new players signing up.
    I say "almost" and will let it fly because it's still BETA and the only way you can join atm is via invites.
    I also suppose all account status will be wiped when it eventually goes live so I don't mind you making more PMOG DP's so you can buy mines and try and catch me :p

    Good game btw, although it's not for everyone. Sut has stopped playing and I don't think Bast has really gotten into it either...

    Xenko April 13 2008 6:35 PM EDT

    I'm confused... what's the point?

    Eurynome Bartleby [Bartleby's] April 13 2008 7:30 PM EDT

    And does the site steal my info about what sites I go to?

    As in, what about a player's privacy?

    Eurynome Bartleby [Bartleby's] April 13 2008 7:32 PM EDT

    To a person with no knowledge of the game, it looks like spyware :)

    smallpau1 - Go Blues [Lower My Fees] April 13 2008 7:34 PM EDT

    omega.darkthrone was also beta but Jon took privileges away from that as well, >.< But that was also selling of accounts if I'm not mistaken, so maybe this isn't the same rant, =P

    AdminQBVerifex [Serenity In Chaos] April 13 2008 7:35 PM EDT

    hey now, wait a minute here I introduced you all to this game, I'm supposed to be getting the invites here!

    Flamey April 13 2008 9:17 PM EDT

    If Fex and bart are playing it, do you really think it's spyware? :)

    lostling April 13 2008 9:20 PM EDT

    probably :)

    bartjan April 13 2008 10:39 PM EDT

    I'm *not* playing this "game", and I really doubt I ever will, because the "Big Brother" issues involved...

    QBsutekh137 April 13 2008 11:31 PM EDT

    As GB states, I tried for a while, didn't do anything for me, so the toolbar has been uninstalled. But it is a great game to try out! If it turns out to be your cup of tea, I imagine you will have a REALLY good time...

    Bart, I wasn't aware of the "Big Brother" issues... I can imagine how powerful they would be, but do you have any reason to believe that PMOG is any more intrusive than, say, simply using Google or Google Docs? I'm seriously asking -- any links about possible breaches or misuse of information? It would be really good to know if there are issues in case anyone else asks me about the game...

    lostling April 13 2008 11:34 PM EDT

    looks like an interesting game

    bartjan April 14 2008 12:17 AM EDT

    Google is only tracking your search queries and which of the search results you are clicking on. As I understand, this thing tracks every page you visit...

    BluBBen April 14 2008 12:56 AM EDT

    I'm in!

    Daz April 14 2008 1:05 AM EDT

    I might as well... until the toolbar irritates me.

    drudge April 14 2008 2:00 AM EDT

    u can always hide the toolbar and display it at will.
    u dont always have to be logged in, so u can choose when u are playing and when u arent (for those concerned about tracking imporant sites). also, it will not do secure pages, so dont worry about it trying to "track" those.

    there are a whole lot of other people playing this game. feel free to google search if u have any doubts about its safety. if ur still not convinced, then dont worry about it.

    QBOddBird April 14 2008 2:44 AM EDT

    It claims to not be tracking secure pages when I visit them.

    Nonetheless, I make it disappear before I visit sites like paypal. :)

    lostling April 14 2008 2:50 AM EDT

    just because its disable doesnt mean its gone :)

    Daz April 14 2008 3:03 AM EDT

    I can't figure out how to play... And the documentation doesn't really tell you...

    The email says, "You have a few starting gifts; please check the site", but there is nothing there... I can't find what placing mines and portals actually does for you. I don't see why you'd place crates after gaining armour and I can't figure out how to make exp or money or whatever it is you need to level.

    AdminG Beee April 14 2008 3:09 AM EDT

    It's a game where your rewards (and fun) come from visiting different web sites. D'uh, of course they have to "track" which sites you visit. It's how such activity is tracked that's the important thing.

    I'd imagine with the obvious internet paranoia regarding such tracking it's something the game designers are very well aware off and would be a real downside for the business plan if it became known they were abusing trust.
    The toolbar on your own PC is what "tracks" the sites you visit and your points are awarded based on domain name visited over a 24hr period. Type in any guff in the url bar, and providing it looks like a genuine url you'll be rewarded... If it's an http"s" (secure) site you visit then the toolbar does not "track" the domain and you get zero rewards.

    Anything and everything about the internet is open to abuse - PMOG has a good feel about it and I'm not worried. Any sites I want to be 100% sure about can be visited completely PMOG free by using IE. Kinda ironic I'd use IE for "security reasons" :)

    It's also a good game for advertising your CB referral link on as Verifex has already started doing. Dunno if he's had any hits as a result yet - but every little helps :)

    QBOddBird April 14 2008 3:11 AM EDT

    You place crates to leave gifts for other players who come upon them.

    You leave mines to scare people to death when they run across them and their screen shakes like it's having a seizure.

    Portals I think are for making missions? I'm not 100% sure.

    I'm not really the one to ask on this, though, 'cuz I just started recently as well. Check with drudge and 'Fex. :)

    AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] April 14 2008 3:38 AM EDT

    If I am reading things correctly you'll get notified prior to them selling all your data and given a chance to delete your information...

    Daz April 14 2008 7:22 AM EDT

    Yeah, I'm not liking this game much. Start a mission and get taken to a random page... There is no indication of what to do, and you look at your missions and you haven't taken any. Great, so that means I can't do the tutorial.
    Try and place a mine... nothing happens.
    None of the buttons that I can see anywhere do anything and the 'visit pages to get money' thing doesn't work. I'm pretty sure I've visited more than 2 pages in the few hours I've been playing...

    Daz April 14 2008 7:56 AM EDT

    Ah. Figured out my problem. PMOG is not friends with adblock plus. So there is probably going to be a point where i get so irate with ads that I quit PMOG.

    QBsutekh137 April 14 2008 9:27 AM EDT

    Daz, also, when either the pages you visit or PMOG itself is a bit laggy, things really seem to slow down. It was on my third mission where I was just clicking and waiting for the little orange box in the lower right-hand corner that I said to myself, "Why exactly is this 'fun'?" *smile*

    And GB, it is fine if you trust that they aren't doing anything with your data, great. But it is a free game, so while they certainly (probably) have no interest in spreading your data all over, they also have little impetus to keep it entirely safe. Data on the internet is more of a saturation game -- a game of degree. The more of yourself that is out there, the more of yourself that will, statistically, become available to others. Intent and/or business models have nothing to do with it.

    That's not paranoia, that's diligence. Bart has a rather good point on what all PMOG tracks -- it tracks a lot more than just a few search strings. Though, Google Docs certainly "tracks" a lot more. I don't keep any important docs up there (unless someone is interested in a few mead recipes! *smile*), but I have zero reason to believe those docs are 100% safe. Not even sure what "safe" means any more when it comes to the cloud. I use that at my own risk: upside/downside. PMOG (for me) has about zero upside. That makes the ratio pretty simple to interpret. *smile*

    drudge April 14 2008 12:22 PM EDT

    Daz, i use ad-blocker plus with pmog as well as no-script. I dont have any problems with it currently.

    u wont need ads enabled to play or to finish a mission. worst case, if u have flash blocker u may need to enable a movie or something in order for the mission guide to pop up.

    Daz April 14 2008 12:45 PM EDT

    All I know is that the game didn't work and made no sense with adblock plus enabled and works perfectly fine when it's disabled.

    drudge April 14 2008 1:42 PM EDT

    bump because this is an ill way to vist new websites

    AdminG Beee April 14 2008 2:19 PM EDT

    Here's a little more background info.

    drudge April 15 2008 3:19 AM EDT

    new players to sign up:

    come join the fun!

    drudge April 15 2008 3:11 PM EDT

    a Wired article on the developer: Merci Grace
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