Our Female QB Was Found On A Drumhead :-) (in Off-topic)

Thraklight Resonance April 16 2008 10:10 PM EDT

Admindudemus [jabberwocky] April 16 2008 10:12 PM EDT

she has much more prominent features than i expected! just check out those cheekbones and eyebrow ridges.

8DEOTWP April 16 2008 10:23 PM EDT

pointy, the cheekbone on the left

QBOddBird April 16 2008 10:58 PM EDT

That is -exactly- how I imagine Bast.

The dying man obviously was a 1337speaker.

j'bob April 16 2008 11:10 PM EDT

Funny cause for obvious reasons, the first person I thought of was Hatch... the hair and eyes and all...

OH and look, a hatchet! That too.

QBBarzooMonkey April 16 2008 11:14 PM EDT

InebriatedArsonist April 16 2008 11:22 PM EDT

I didn't think blue was your color, Bastycakes.
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