Need to report a BUG (in General)

forktoad April 18 2008 12:27 PM EDT

Three bugs actually:-
1.)When the auctioneer reports me being outbid I can't click on the link because it's given as a syntax

2.)Just got a penalty in spite of clicking on the fight button only once

3.)Not auto-increase of bid after unsuccessful bid.

forktoad April 18 2008 12:38 PM EDT

4.) Can't connect to server after clicking fight button

Bull3t F4c3 April 18 2008 12:58 PM EDT

i get 2 sometimes

j'bob April 18 2008 1:11 PM EDT

I get number 3 fairly often but forget about it mostly because when i click on the bid with the amount too low it DOES give me that little line about how much the minimum bid is.
Thanks for bringing it up forktoad. :D

8DEOTWP April 18 2008 1:44 PM EDT

I get three a lot, sometimes when raising my bid with a different character than originally.

{cb1}Linguala April 18 2008 2:25 PM EDT

while at it:
1 year top eco clan doesn't represent correctly, that list shows the income of eco clans of 2 months maybe 3 months tops, not 12 months.

Obscurans April 18 2008 2:59 PM EDT

Similar to #1: the win auction bids are also unclickable since it parses wrong, and I get the original #1 too.

Sliver April 18 2008 6:10 PM EDT

i also have the link error on the home page, but for me it's all links.

Also I can't change my theme or log out.
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