Multi: phreak-phresh/iphear/DaemonLasher/'noob (in Public Record)

QBOddBird April 21 2008 12:04 AM EDT

Crackmonkey is back.

<'phreak-phresh> i sware
<'phreak-phresh> if this gets banned
<'phreak-phresh> this website will be taken down
<'phreak-phresh> so
<[CB1]Gun> you'll what make another?
<'phreak-phresh> watchhhhh
<{CB1}Slayer333> hahaha...crackmonkey2? :p
<[CB1]Gun> you read my mind honey
<OddBird> This is humorous
* th00p senses monty returning to annoy the hell otu of us
<'phreak-phresh> my friend has a botnet
<'phreak-phresh> aol server wont handle it
<{CB1}Slayer333> you should just quit while you are behind.
<[CB1]Gun> AoL can't handle my toenails
<'phreak-phresh> lol


TheHatchetman April 21 2008 12:38 AM EDT

Our forums have too much defense, and I'm sure someone could spring for a defaced mona lisa... we're fine ;)

Xenko April 21 2008 9:48 AM EDT

OMG! Somebody has set us up the bomb!

Hakai [Aye Phelta Thi] April 21 2008 9:51 AM EDT

I am still a bit diappointed that th00p had to point out he was iphear to me. I should have figured it out much sooner. I'm getting rusty, : /

Yukk April 21 2008 10:15 AM EDT

You have no chance. Make your time.

bartjan April 21 2008 2:39 PM EDT

Banned 'phreak-phresh and reset iphear.

deifeln April 21 2008 2:46 PM EDT

Why just a reset on iphear?

BootyGod April 21 2008 6:13 PM EDT

Standard treatment. Ban the second one, reset the first. Only repeated violations get a ban

Though he DID threaten the site...

AdminG Beee April 21 2008 6:40 PM EDT

Banned his latest multi's DaemonLasher and 'noob, then banned iphear because repeat multi's are not welcome on CB.

SuperHD April 21 2008 6:44 PM EDT

what is happening? is it safe to play CB?
does Jon gain Money each time i cliclk fight?
Mozilla firefox is good isnt?
and finally why does one have to pay to get the anti-spyware feature ?

lostling April 21 2008 8:00 PM EDT

if only i could gain money everytime i click fight..... oh wait i already do =x
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