Michalastar: Insane, Liar (in Off-topic)

FuriousHobo April 21 2008 11:32 PM EDT

this is a conversation in which he randomly came up to me, asked to talk to me for one day, and if i said yes, he would give me 1 mil. As a result, of course i would say yes.

<Michalastar> are you a girl?
<Michalastar> its okay you can tell me
=> Michalastar umm, yeah.
=> Michalastar is there a problem with that ima girl?
=> Michalastar as if girls never appear online >.>
<Michalastar> don't make faces at me
=> Michalastar why not?
<Michalastar> if I give you 1m cb cash
<Michalastar> can I have you for a day
=> Michalastar have me?
=> Michalastar have me online? or have me in real life?
<Michalastar> um
<Michalastar> either one
=> Michalastar yeah.
<Michalastar> ok deal
<Michalastar> where can I c u
=> Michalastar i said you can have me online
=> Michalastar you dont have to see me
=> Michalastar do you want to see my picture?
<Michalastar> yes
<Michalastar> do you want me to see
<Michalastar> wait
<Michalastar> first tell me how old you are
=> Michalastar 17
<Michalastar> are you asian cauasian blackasian or hispanic?
=> Michalastar asian
<Michalastar> heh knew it
=> Michalastar you?
<Michalastar> banana
=> Michalastar lol
=> Michalastar or twinkie
<Michalastar> do you live in america
=> Michalastar mhmm
<Michalastar> I c
<Michalastar> are you a twinkle
=> Michalastar in my eyes. yea
=> Michalastar heh. :]
<Michalastar> nah but .. you disgust me
<Michalastar> what nationality are you?
<Michalastar> choose from
<Michalastar> chinese and chinese
=> Michalastar lol
=> Michalastar chinese...
<Michalastar> LOL
<Michalastar> i knew it
=> Michalastar yea, cuz you said to choose from chinese and chinese
<Michalastar> ok
<Michalastar> what are you then
=> Michalastar mandarin chinese
<Michalastar> ...
<Michalastar> do you speak chinese
=> Michalastar yep
=> Michalastar mandarin
<Michalastar> do you speak english
=> Michalastar same thing
=> Michalastar yea
<Michalastar> are you a fob
=> Michalastar no
=> Michalastar i was born in america
<Michalastar> are you hot
<Michalastar> so ur an ABC
=> Michalastar i guess
=> Michalastar yea
<Michalastar> yes to what?
<Michalastar> being hot or being aBC
=> Michalastar i model at my school, if you think im hot doing that
=> Michalastar yes to both
<Michalastar> lol u think ur top
<Michalastar> shirt
=> Michalastar i dont think im top
<Michalastar> ok
=> Michalastar i think im above average though
=> Michalastar im never the best at anything
<Michalastar> no one is
=> Michalastar except ranger
<Michalastar> lol this doesn't make sence
=> Michalastar he is the best at this game
<Michalastar> u can't be a model
<Michalastar> and play cb
=> Michalastar y not?
<Michalastar> im an astronaut
=> Michalastar i mainly chat in this game
<Michalastar> oh
=> Michalastar when im bored, i chat for fun
<Michalastar> thats not what ur
<Michalastar> character says
=> Michalastar my character?
<Michalastar> can I have your
=> Michalastar my character is just a thing i can use to make some money with
=> Michalastar my what
<Michalastar> money in RL?
=> Michalastar RL?
<Michalastar> money in real life
<Michalastar> or just in game money
=> Michalastar no you cannot
=> Michalastar i use this as a secondary source to make some money and have fun
=> Michalastar so i want it
=> Michalastar well, after this, you havta pay me 1 mil
=> Michalastar so its you losing money
<Michalastar> LOL
<Michalastar> hey I asked for a day
<Michalastar> there was no handshake
* BooB_Ear handshakes with michalastar
=> Michalastar there we go
* Michalastar no
<Michalastar> hey man
=> Michalastar i cannot handshake with you in real life
=> Michalastar im not a man
<Michalastar> you should be honoured to
<Michalastar> to talk to me
<Michalastar> how often do u get to talk to another chink
=> Michalastar okay, i am very honored
<Michalastar> online
=> Michalastar all the time
<Michalastar> LOL
=> Michalastar my school has a lot of chinese in it
<Michalastar> maybe.. because you go to an all chinese school?
=> Michalastar nope
<Michalastar> maybe because you live in chinatown
=> Michalastar it is a school near a very asian place in northern cali
=> Michalastar like this area i live in has a lottsa chinese resturants and stuff
<Michalastar> all asians live in cali
<Michalastar> ever heard of a place called CHELTENHAM
=> Michalastar not all but a lot
=> Michalastar nope
<Michalastar> typical
<Michalastar> ok how about
<Michalastar> melbourne
=> Michalastar heard of it
<Michalastar> wow
<Michalastar> thats so hardcore education you get there
=> Michalastar oh wait, you live in the UK, eh?
<Michalastar> haha funny joke
=> Michalastar hahaha?
<Michalastar> haha
<Michalastar> omg
=> Michalastar then where? autralia?
<Michalastar> yeh close enough
=> Michalastar australia*
=> Michalastar w00t
=> Michalastar i got it right
<Michalastar> wicked sick.
<Michalastar> so wot was ur name
=> Michalastar tiffany
<Michalastar> never heard of thatr one be34
=> Michalastar lol. very common here in cali
<Michalastar> ok well I'm bobby
=> Michalastar well hello bobby
<Michalastar> do you have a nickname
=> Michalastar tiff
<Michalastar> bobby is my nickname turned .. well my name
<Michalastar> lol tiff
<Michalastar> ok
<Michalastar> yes so
<Michalastar> you go to hs
<Michalastar> damn is my day with you over already?
No longer speaking in private.
=> Michalastar nope
=> Michalastar sorry i was afk for a sec
<Michalastar> nope what i closed the convo
<Michalastar> you don't go to highschool?
=> Michalastar ima go soon so you can pay me later
=> Michalastar yea i go to high school
<Michalastar> LOL
<Michalastar> I ain't paying you for anything
<Michalastar> you should be paying me
=> Michalastar y not?
=> Michalastar we made a deal though
<Michalastar> wasn't that the deal?
=> Michalastar no
=> Michalastar deal was for you to pay me
<Michalastar> i know you are you said you are so what am I
=> Michalastar you're weird..
=> Michalastar <Michalastar> if I give you 1m cb cash
<Michalastar> man
<Michalastar> any michalastar could've said that
=> Michalastar wth
<Michalastar> Lol
=> Michalastar that was you
=> Michalastar unless youre a multi
<Michalastar> how was that me
=> Michalastar there is one michalastar
<Michalastar> I said I'll give you 1m cash if I have you for 1 day
=> Michalastar on carnage blender
=> Michalastar yea
=> Michalastar you had me for an hour
<Michalastar> it hasn't even been 1hr
<Michalastar> LOL
=> Michalastar so you divide that by 24
<Michalastar> LOL!
=> Michalastar and pay me that much
<Michalastar> ok I'll give you
<Michalastar> a hug
=> Michalastar about 50k
<Michalastar> my hugs are worth 100k
<Michalastar> you OWE me 50k
=> Michalastar no, i dont want a hug
=> Michalastar y do i owe you?
=> Michalastar you said youd pay me if you can have me for a day
<Michalastar> Omg
<Michalastar> you're crazy
<Michalastar> you actually want
<Michalastar> 1m just for that
=> Michalastar yea
=> Michalastar that was the deal
<Michalastar> omg!
<Michalastar> ur crazy
=> Michalastar ima make a public forum about it
<Michalastar> haha ur just messing
<Michalastar> LOL
<Michalastar> !
<Michalastar> thats insane
=> Michalastar you made a deal
=> Michalastar a deal is a deal
<Michalastar> Deal?
=> Michalastar you cant change it
<Michalastar> you call that a deal?
<Michalastar> LOLOLOL
<Michalastar> you're kididng me
=> Michalastar yea
<Michalastar> this is extortion
=> Michalastar you wasted 1 hour of my life talkign to you
<Michalastar> LOL!
<Michalastar> wth
<Michalastar> u enjoyed it
<Michalastar> we're even.
=> Michalastar i would never talk to a piece of crap for an hour
=> Michalastar maybe you, but not me
<Michalastar> LOL
=> Michalastar and now i really regret it
=> Michalastar umless you pay me
<Michalastar> bit harsh
=> Michalastar well you got me mad and i dont like being mad
<Michalastar> I can't believe your serious
<Michalastar> LOL ok this is a joke
=> Michalastar nope. sorry
=> Michalastar i gotta make a forum about it
<Michalastar> LOL
<Michalastar> ANIEWNG)NG(N#$(g

Cut out inappropriate parts for PG but didnt cut out the parts where i get mad, because he made a deal, while i really didnt feel like talking to him after a while. So, dont get me mad or you know what you get for it.

However, the point of this is that he made a deal but thinks of it as a joke. Even though we only talked for an hour, he should still pay me 1/24th of it since i could not deal with talking to him for a day. This also shows why i think people should watch out for him, especially girls. Thanks you for any suggestions you give me about this awkward conversation. =D

ActionAction April 21 2008 11:35 PM EDT

O_______O. Bah, you totally should've gotten him to pay you first :P.

QBOddBird April 21 2008 11:36 PM EDT

LOL awesome.

Picasso April 21 2008 11:40 PM EDT

This is the guy who not long ago today tried to fabricate a "conversation" he never had with Templar where he claimed that Templar admitted to being my multi.... or something.

<Michalastar> templar addmited hes a multi
<Michalastar> heres the convo
<Michalastar> => Templar unless ur a multi
<OddBird> She's your woman, is she not? I wasn't talking down at all.
<InebriatedArsonist> Sounds like a Southern thing.
<Michalastar> Templar> yes, i am
<OddBird> Dammit, this convo keeps going off-track.
<Templar> 0.o
gannon1898 has joined the room.
<BooB_Ear> you're kidding me about templar...
<Slam> i love you OB
<Templar> yes, he's kidding...
<OddBird> and Vampire, someone truly needcs to teach you about conversation and etiquette
Jaynor left the room.
<Michalastar> ok you got me

Don't take him too seriously, he just needs some attention.

smallpau1 - Go Blues [Lower My Fees] April 21 2008 11:41 PM EDT

Here ya go, feel better about that hour! =)

{cb1}smallpau1 (SmallsNCB) BooB Ear (The One UC) $50000 11:41 PM EDT

DrAcO5676 [The Knighthood III] April 21 2008 11:43 PM EDT

Thats what happens when you leave 13 year olds at a computer with Internet without watching what they are doing.

A Lesser AR of 15 [Red Permanent Assurance] April 22 2008 12:00 AM EDT

Fine Him! Make him PAY! Let the mass spamination upon micha begin!

iBananco [Blue Army] April 22 2008 12:07 AM EDT

Why don't you have a seat over there.

QBOddBird April 22 2008 12:27 AM EDT

OK JS <3

Paddy Boy April 22 2008 12:28 AM EDT

You know, normally I'm one to keep my mouth shut about other people's business but since Mich made some smartmouth comment to the effect of me being gay in the forums... enjoy desperation:

<Michalastar> pbi my jigga
<Michalastar> i need some help
<Michalastar> some **** is going crazy at me
<Michalastar> she wants 1m cash
<Michalastar> because I talked to her
<Michalastar> omg this is madness.

(Only a little PG editing so i dont get fined or something)

TheHatchetman April 22 2008 1:21 AM EDT

odd... I thought the BooB Ear was a dude... what's up with Austrailia? Did something happen there to make BooB Ear a chick?

Beware the renegade kangaroos! They'll take your manhood and turn ye Asian!

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] April 22 2008 2:42 AM EDT

forums are a lousy place to repost racist and stupid chat logs

Michalastar April 22 2008 4:05 AM EDT

Lets not bring that convo with Templar into this, it's totally unrelated and he knows I'm joking with him. Clearly this convo you see here is just a couple of dudes joking around yeh.. as if take it seriously. She is crazy for posting this, crazy.

8DEOTWP April 22 2008 4:05 AM EDT

I agree with novice
ever since the second or so line of this thread.. lol

Michalastar April 22 2008 4:26 AM EDT

+ honestly, who would pay someone to have a convosation, I can quite easily have a convosation with myself.

FuriousHobo April 23 2008 12:10 AM EDT

michalastar, maybe because you are a loner and pretty retarded and have conversations with yourself. Have fun with that. What do you say? "Hi, I am a retard aren't I". and you reply to yourself, "Yeah, I am for randomly trying to talk me into meeting you." Honestly, I really wouldnt talk to a selfish, lying retard so dont call me crazy. BTw, you still owe me. However, I thank smallpau for the help but i really didnt want it from him, i want it from you, michalastar. Anyways, PBI, good job. :)

TheHatchetman April 23 2008 12:16 AM EDT

and.... CUT! </scene>

That's a wrap. Everyone enjoy the next couple weeks off and we'll see you at the premiere. This has gone beyond any scrap of logical argument to name-calling (did I mention: Freed smells! (like Old Spice and Brut?))... Anyways, bothayas shaddup and quitcher.

QBOddBird April 23 2008 12:30 AM EDT


TheHatchetman April 23 2008 12:32 AM EDT

Oh yeah? Well OB's in kahootz with the feds and Chris Hansen (sp?). screenname sez it all

QBOddBird April 23 2008 12:33 AM EDT

Yah and you have the right to remain silent whatever you say can and will be pressed against you in a court of law

TheHatchetman April 23 2008 12:38 AM EDT

Well cutie, if that's ur real pick (hawt!), press away, baby (Long as u r not a miner)!
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