Carnage Blender.. for ALL? (in General)

Michalastar April 22 2008 9:38 AM EDT

I have a few things I'd like to raise with you all...

Firstly, why are the forums dominated by them same people?
It seems to me that the only people who post in the forums are well.. the same people?

Secondly people logging on, usually when "random" people log on, no one bothers to say hi or anything but when it's someone like... (for example) Draco.. he recieves many greetings..

So from my month of playing CB again I've pretty much gathered.. there are two distinct groups of players..

Those who are known and then the rest of CB..
the people who don't talk as much, the people who rarely post in the forums and I'm thinking, is this what CB is about?

I ask this because I remember playing back in CB1.. it was one community from what I remembered, you log in people say hi there was no spilt. Just recently with that post about me, who come to my defence.. who cares about my side of the story, maybe I was wrong but that whole pack mentality why would I ever post again? I came back 1 month ago knowing no one if that conversation makes you want to ignore me thats fine. It's okay, I can take it, call me a racist, call me whatever, its no problem.

So things have changed maybe they changed ages ago, I don't know....but is this how CB is run these days? With 2 groups in the community.. those who are "in" and those who aren't? If it is, I have no problem.. if it isn't what's being done to fix it?

Flamey April 22 2008 9:46 AM EDT

People just say hi to people they befriend. Usually you'll get a greeting from someone if you were participating in a good conversation with them.

Relic April 22 2008 9:52 AM EDT

Not a bad assessment really. Any game is going to have its "in-crowd" though. I find it discouraging at times to see congratulation threads for people and other people go completely unnoticed and ignored. But what are you going to do? It models life in that regard. :)

Admindudemus [jabberwocky] April 22 2008 9:57 AM EDT

it is pretty much like anywhere else. if you want to be greeted, greet others. if you want to be congratulated, congratulate others. if you want to have friends, be a good friend to others...etc.

Michalastar April 22 2008 10:02 AM EDT

If thats the mentality some people hold, then can you see why, most of CB is being left out?

It's simple for you to say that because well it wouldn't really matter for you. You're at that spot, wether you do those things or not doesn't make such a difference. But do you expect some randoms to be so forthcoming and open with people they don't who expect them to make the first move?

But I agree that treat others as you would like to be treated, but who needs to be treating who, new players unto you?

forktoad April 22 2008 10:05 AM EDT

That wasn't a very nice thing to say. I have been around for quite some time and I never noticed that, simply because such a thing doesn't exist.

All you have to do is enter chat and start talking and before you know it you are friends with half a dozen people (That's how I made friends with Raveshaw). I don't chat a lot, maybe, that's why I don't know a lot of people here (Ask Bast, she'll remember me as the guy who went around the rotating door), but let me tell you this, I have received both, hugs and help, from complete strangers. When I need help people pour in to help me (Just look in the forums) and these are the kind of people you respect.

So people admire and know them because they deserve it and have been around for the longer period of time(DrAC, Hatch, OB, Sutekh to name a few). The latter reason is, simply put, secondary. You can be a newbie and still be respected community member (Look at Little Red Calynne).

The point is, learn to deserve respect and not ask for it. Keeping in mind all the weird things you have been doing these days you need to sort things out first before you go around blaming people.

Brakke Bres [Ow man] April 22 2008 10:12 AM EDT

because the first thing you do when I enter the room is asking if boob ear is male or female, this led me to the simple conclusion I don't like you.
There for I found it easy to pretty much ignore your behind.

And when someone like yourself is asking questions like these you definitely fit in the group "the rest of cb"

j'bob April 22 2008 10:14 AM EDT

wow. sadly I only have a minute to address this right now but in a nutshell, most "newbs" have to be pulled kicking and screaming into chat. I know cause I've tried. and the people who dominate the forums do so because they WANT to. Last time I checked there was no application process to post in forums, all that's needed is the desire. and just so you don't misread this short thread, welcome to the forums Micha. :D

Michalastar April 22 2008 10:16 AM EDT

Sorry my response was directed at Dudemus, I disagree with the fact that you have to deserve this "respect" in order to be a part of this community, or wait is it that other community the one which seems kinda distant from the rest of CB.

Also with the names you mention, sure they're apart of CB what about people like Solo, Anarkee, KILLEREGO do they have to command this respect in order to become apart of the community, or apart of your community?

Brakke Bres [Ow man] April 22 2008 10:16 AM EDT

ow and congrats to be the first one EVER on my ignore list

Michalastar April 22 2008 10:24 AM EDT

No problem Henk Bres, I was rude, you had every right.

As for doing weird things, what in the last few days have I done that has been so weird, apart from that leaked (JOKE) conversation? Maybe I should've had it in general chat if I wanted everyone to hear about it, isn't that rude? Isn't calling me a liar when Boobear is a male hypocritcal? It's okay though maybe something good will come out of this.

TheHatchetman April 22 2008 10:28 AM EDT

I don't waste the effort typing to people who enter that I know don't say much in chat... A new player, fresh out of the tutorial gets greetings, as does just about anyone that chats... ever... :P

In the event that a player who doesn't chat much decides to start, they are quickly moved onto peoples' lists of people to greet :P

As far as forums, the only people posting being the same people, is just due to ADD... Like, seriously... I'm 12th in all-time forum posting, and I've been around for less than half of the game's duration... I get bored, I go into forums and contribute to discussion where I can, but for the most part, it's just a casual "witty" remark (I put witty in quotes, because often, upon rereading, I find that things sounded a lot funnier before I typed them.).

"Those who are known and then the rest of CB.. "

Yup... Pretty much... The people that aren't known aren't known because they've done nothing to be known... Whether it be due to laziness, or being busy with real life, or even just being anti-social... I can assure you we haven't broken into the houses of the lesser-known and stolen their keyboards ;)

"but is this how CB is run these days? With 2 groups in the community.. those who are "in" and those who aren't?"

Again. Yup...

"If it is, I have no problem.. if it isn't what's being done to fix it? "

Those "out of the loop" of their on preference are free to remain there. Those seeking entrance to the loop, try talking in chat or posting in forums, and they're in... You really can't say we have an "exclusive clique" by any means... The door's open, we just refrain from yanking people through it in many cases...

"Just recently with that post about me, who come to my defence.. who cares about my side of the story, maybe I was wrong but that whole pack mentality why would I ever post again?"

Meh... it was nobody's business to attack or defend you, that seems a situation to be kept between you and him... Upon re-reading, I found four replies that could be considered attacks, though 2 were in jest (meaning it's a joke... Two of the replies were obviously just a couple dudes playin around :P), and one was about something incredibly stupid ya said... So that leaves one authentic attack at your conversation with the NipplE Lobe... nov and JahRoor, however, spoke their distaste about the thread being made... Seems like 2 defenses...

Just remember, anything can be broken if ya look at it from a certain angle...

DrAcO5676 [The Knighthood III] April 22 2008 10:37 AM EDT

The way I see it there is always two factions... those who speak their mind and those that stay in the shadows... At times I belong to one group and at others I belong to the other...

Some days I like to chat so I join chat and talk for hours on end about anything including but not only Strategy... other days I feel Empty (Hehe) and I sit around by myself. I read just about everything in the forums including PR and Off topics... but I don't usually have too much to say. But there was also a time where no one really knew me... then I started to talk in chat and make some posts in forums... and I gained momentum...

All you need to think is this is a community full of respectable and highly respected members that actually have alot to say if you listen to what they have to say. You can easily make friends just by listening to what some of them say and laying out your input, even if it isn't exactly what someone is looking for. Be polite... be mature... and you will be welcomed into the community... there is nothing needing to be fixed... it is just the way it turns out to be.

Be social.... and you will also be welcomed by many as you enter a room ^_^

AdminNightStrike April 22 2008 10:38 AM EDT

Mich -

Dale Carnegie wrote a book called How to Win Friends and Influence People. It's a good read, and may explain some of the nuances of walking into a pre-existing community.

QBOddBird April 22 2008 11:53 PM EDT

a) I would like to point out that I say hi to EGO every chance I get, as well as Parker. :)

b) I don't say hi to everyone who comes in. I do say hi to random strangers periodically. I do not feel compelled to say hello every 3 seconds, however.

c) I talk to you in Chat. If you are feeling left out, talk to me more. I talk back. A lot. A whole whole lot.

And of course there are "in" crowd people - those who talk to others and make themselves part of the said crowd - and people who prefer to be left alone. I probably impose myself upon these people far too much as is, and I'm not going to do it more often on the off-chance that they feel left out and aren't saying anything about it.

Tyriel [123456789] April 23 2008 12:03 AM EDT

Heh, I'm somewhat one of these 'random' people. Most of the time when I log in, I just ignore chat. When I don't, I'll usually read the conversation, see what's going on. If it's interesting, I'll join in. Sometimes I get the occasional 'Hi' (although I'm sure I miss quite a few. ;_;).

I much prefer the forums. Why? I like reading them. It's interesting to see what people think, and sometimes giving my say. Often times I'll make an entire post, then just feel that what I have to say isn't important, or I change my mind about posting, and not post anything at all.

Most of my posts make me feel ignored, though. Only occasionally do I ever see my name in somebody else's post.

Oh well. Eventually, I'll take over all of CB and laugh at all of your pitiful strategies, and how they all lose to mine. Then everybody will know me! :)

Anyways... did this have anything to do with this thread? I kind of lost track of what this thread was about. All talking about myself, and whatnot.

smallpau1 - Go Blues [Lower My Fees] April 23 2008 12:03 AM EDT


I say hi to whomever i *see*, "joined the room"

Secondly, Is it ANY of our faults who posts in forums? No, not until they are banned otherwise...

smallpau1 - Go Blues [Lower My Fees] April 23 2008 12:04 AM EDT

If I'm in conversation in chat* that is.

TheHatchetman April 23 2008 12:11 AM EDT

Tyriel dude, I was gonna quote your second paragraph saying I do that all the time, but then I read the rest of it and felt that might seem patronizing... Oh well, take it as you will :P

SundariZelia [The Knighthood] April 23 2008 12:29 AM EDT

I remember playing back in CB1 too, and very few people ever said hi to me because I never talked in chat but since I started talking in CB2 people talk to me now. It does seem to be as simple as talk to people and people will talk to you.

FuriousHobo April 23 2008 12:45 AM EDT

michalastar, like i told you, i am a girl, so how am i hypocritical? and please dont relate this with the other thread. Thanks. No offense taken in this thread though. :)

Revs April 23 2008 1:30 AM EDT

Well, I have to disagree with the first point. That being . . .

.. there are two distinct groups of players. Those who are known and then the rest of CB.

I disagree simply because I think we all know that in actuality, there are closer to about 7021 individuals that then make up approximately 903 groups of people (not all active, obviously), by loose association, clans, friends, and bar mates. And of those 903 groups they all flip coins on where they fall on caring vs non-caring of what other online people who hide behind they're own avatars of anonymity actually think about them, meaning 47% care (according to this nickel). Of the 47%, roughly half of them maintain the fantasy for longer than a single 24 hour period and/or precise trial and error. Subtract the 200 groups too busy to care about this game in particular, oh, and then the illiterate truants. By my calculations that leaves well over 17.5 people that feel exactly the way you do, would love to meet you, and I'm sure would be willing to find a central location for you all to grab an ice cream sunday, once you guys exchange phone numbers and addresses in another General forum post entitled:

I am Michalastar, here is my address, find me! Love me! I'll buy you ice cream!

I hope this clears things up any previous confusion you may have had.

Phrede April 23 2008 2:15 AM EDT

I agree with every comment here - I also disagree with them - apart from this one.

Cube April 23 2008 2:17 AM EDT

I agree with Freed.

8DEOTWP April 23 2008 4:03 AM EDT

please tell me you have something better to do.. I'd rather crawl back to my cage

Ancient Anubis April 23 2008 4:37 AM EDT

Hi everyone. That's how i came to be 'in the community'. I said hi i asked for advice and now i lend people things, i trade i give advice and offer help and give the option for people to talk to me again if they c me later on. I have to say i think most people view as fair, considerate and a half decent person so they talk to me, this i have to say is something anybody can do so all in all i have to say its people themselves that stop themselves from joining 'the in group'

IndependenZ April 23 2008 4:56 AM EDT

It's just as in real life. Why? Because we are all real people.

Imagine coming into a new group of people and never saying a word to them. Let's say it's an arts class. You do your thing, get good grades, but don't bother to look at the paintings the other people have made. They look at yours, maybe even talk to you about it, but when you never say something back or start a conversation yourself, you're doomed to be the odd-one out.

I'm not that active in the forums. I evade the strat discussions and only reply to fun contests or other off-topic stuff. Yet people say 'hi' to me in chat. Why? Because, like in real life, I say 'hi' back and try to start a conversation. (if I have time, that is)

Oh, and I completely agree with Freed.

Michalastar April 23 2008 5:11 AM EDT

I appreciate all the input and I can see what you mean, I suppose looking back over what was said, it could be seen as maybe not 2 seperate groups. Rather as those who actively participate by talking, chatting etc as well as those who do it passively. Those who just play the game and maybe read the forums.

QBJohnnywas April 23 2008 5:18 AM EDT

"Firstly, why are the forums dominated by them same people?
It seems to me that the only people who post in the forums are well.. the same people?

Secondly people logging on, usually when "random" people log on, no one bothers to say hi or anything but when it's someone like... (for example) Draco.. he recieves many greetings.. "

Firstly Hello! Secondly, anybody, anybody at all can post in the forums. It's more than likely that it's the same people posting because nobody else is that interested in what we have to say! People like me, Ranger, GL, Sut etc etc; we waffle on so much we probably bore everybody else stupid.

I don't go into chat at all, for various reasons. But on the very very rare occasions I have done nobody spoke to me unless I spoke to them. It really is like going into a RL room/bar/party/etc/etc/etc. Mostly you won't get spoken to unless you make an effort.

This place can be cliquey, can even be unfriendly at times. But if you come into it with an attitude that's the only side you're going to see. I didn't have any contact with anybody in CB for the most of the first 3 months I was here, apart from a few postings in the forums. Chat doesn't work for me at work, which is why I'm a forum hogger. Make yourself known, in a good way, say hi to everybody in chat. Don't have conversations with people that you wouldn't have in real life. If you're not sleazing don't do anything that looks like sleazing. And probably, for the best, don't create dramas. Because people remember these things. Give them something else to remember you by. Be nice!

Usul [CHOAM] April 23 2008 8:38 AM EDT

So far, I can only suggest you read "How to Win Friends and Influence People" as suggested by NightStrike. That's one of the best classics on social development, I think it's just a decade or two from being a century old.
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