You can rent ammo? (in General)

Talion April 25 2008 5:55 PM EDT

Named explosive shots for rent? Did I miss something?

j'bob April 25 2008 5:57 PM EDT

nope. it's been done like that there.
(ammo rentable for quite some time)

8DEOTWP April 26 2008 1:06 AM EDT

why the heck wouldn't they be..
and why aren't tats?

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] April 26 2008 5:25 AM EDT

Tat's aren't to stop them being power leveled for you.

AdminG Beee April 26 2008 5:44 AM EDT

Offering named ammo for rent is a good way to give users an opportunity to get the benefit without either spending USD or CB purchasing for themselves.
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