Wow this still exists (in New players)

jeesusmchrist April 30 2008 2:02 PM EDT

Used to play this like ten years ago...okay, maybe three

QBOddBird April 30 2008 2:17 PM EDT

cool, welcome back. By what name did we formerly know you? :)

jeesusmchrist April 30 2008 2:34 PM EDT

You know, its been so long I don't even remember

TheHatchetman April 30 2008 8:39 PM EDT

Welcome (back? :P) to CB. I'll be your mentor for this evening (and for as many evenings as we both play CB I guess). If ya ever have any questions, or just wanna say wazzup, I'm often in chat, and if not, there is almost always someone else willing to help. Enjoi!

*We now return you to your regularly scheduled blending of carnage*
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