Strat tweaking for Anbhas... (in General)

Lochnivar May 2 2008 9:25 PM EDT

So I'm contemplating a move away from my RoBF to a ToE

As I see it the big issue I will face is loss of damage out-put (the evasion is a non-issue and ToE is better damage reduction anyway).

On the upside I will be able to add a TSA and BoM to my tank to raise STR (and enc) but I'm not entirely sure that this will be enough.

This change will also require the addition of some natural HP on all minions to make the ToE work best.

I'm curious if anyone sees and gaping issues I may have overlooked or any suggestions to make the change more effective.

General insights and discussion are also welcome...

chuck1234 May 2 2008 11:21 PM EDT

After checking your char, offhand, i'd suggest shifting the AoL onto the front Evasion minion, coz if that front minion isn't dying, then the AoL on the back minion is pretty much a waste. Of course, if from experience you find that the front minion dies fast, then the AoL on the back minion is pretty much ok.

How about a ToA strat since you're basically a tank? ToE would help you in cutting down the GA retaliation. How about shifting to a SoD from the enforcer's xbow?

chuck1234 May 2 2008 11:27 PM EDT

Your overpowered RoBF Conflagration lvl 3,302,930 does average 200k damage per round on my front TSA wall with 195 AC and 70k regen'd say try a ToE pronto.... :)

QBOddBird May 2 2008 11:38 PM EDT

Since you've already got Junction, why not switch to a Halidon familiar? ;)

Lochnivar May 3 2008 12:04 AM EDT

two things...

1) that AoL was on the front minion, then I did a small experiment with AoL and junction and forgot to move it back afterwards (so thanks for the reminder)

2) OB, that is a base junction, not even close to what 300k Hal would need (never mind a 3.3mil Hal)

Lochnivar May 3 2008 5:33 AM EDT

I experimented a little tonight to see the potential of what I mentioned....

Basically I'm going to need much more powerful weapons before I try this... as it stands I'd lose half my fight list (or more) and gain nobody.

Yippee.... that only cost a mil to find out
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