GentlemanLoser/Forktoad (in Public Record)

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] May 9 2008 8:20 AM EDT

Forktoad is buying my TSA for 10M.

With his agreement in this thread, I'll send the TSA to him and he'll pay me back in installments, hopefully to be settled in around a couple of months.

forktoad May 9 2008 9:03 AM EDT

Agreed. Will try my best to finish the deal within a couple of months

forktoad May 10 2008 12:27 AM EDT

forktoad (Imperfect mage) QBGentlemanLoser (The One UC) $400000 -- First installment 12:25 AM EDT

Sent over the first package. Get ready for an embarrassingly long PR thread.

forktoad May 13 2008 2:05 AM EDT

forktoad (Imperfect mage) QBGentlemanLoser (The One UC) $400000 -- Second Installment 2:02 AM EDT

9.2 Million left. Whew! That's a long way to go. With any luck this PR thread won't become a PR spool considering how long this is gonna get.

forktoad May 13 2008 9:14 PM EDT

forktoad (Imperfect mage) QBGentlemanLoser (The One UC) $700000 -- Third installment 9:11 PM EDT

1.5 million cleared. Only 8.5 million left ("only"... sheesh). This PR thread is giving me sleepless nights.

forktoad May 16 2008 1:14 PM EDT

Presenting THE GL/Forktoad thread Part-1 Volume-5

forktoad (Imperfect mage) QBGentlemanLoser (The One UC) $500000 -- Fourth installment 1:10 PM EDT

That's right, the fourth installment, 2M down, 8M to go.
Stay tuned as the next installment of the world famous franchise comes out in the next few days....

forktoad May 19 2008 10:51 AM EDT

And now for the most eagerly awaited sequel of the explicitly long and tiring thread (that a bored nerd with nothing much to do). PR will no longer be remembered as PR for this thread will change the way CB looks at PR.... Another weird way to spend my abundant time.

Introducing.............THE GL/Forktoad thread Part-1 Volume-6

forktoad (Imperfect mage) QBGentlemanLoser (The One UC) $500000 10:43 AM EDT

That's right folks with 2.5M finished and only 7.5M remaining........ Will forktoad be able to finish his deal in the span of two months?
Will GL get bored of such a long and pointless thread and ask for a simple 'sent' post the next time?
Will forktoad find a better way to use his imaginations?
Will you find something better to do than read this obnoxious thread?

Find out on the next episode of The GL/Forktoad thread.

TheHatchetman May 19 2008 5:23 PM EDT

Dude, I'm on the edge of my computer chair on this one! I've been refreshing forums non-stop for hours, waiting on the next installment! o.o

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] May 19 2008 6:43 PM EDT

Same! :D

Keep it going! Best PR post Ever! :D

forktoad May 21 2008 12:46 PM EDT

And we are back folks!

With an ever growing fanbase (Hatch & GL), a lot of moral support (Hatch) and a ridiculously large amount to pay off (GL), I just couldn't think of a better reason not to show up with the latest installment of the, you guessed it, GL/Forktoad thread Part-1 Volume-7

forktoad (Imperfect mage) QBGentlemanLoser (The One UC) $500000 12:36 PM EDT

With only 7Milllion remaining our hero go back to battling tirelessly again in the realms of CB with the ultimate motivation of paying off the 10Million within the next month or so....

I know a lot of guys must be thinking that GL is one lucky guy getting paid 10M CB$ but let me assure he has to waste a lot of time reading this PR post. Hey wait a minute. If you are reading this then you obviously wasted your time reading the entire post. ONE MORE VICTIM!!! I'm pure evil. Cheers for me.

Brakke Bres [Ow man] May 21 2008 7:13 PM EDT

I feel so victimized.

forktoad May 24 2008 5:46 AM EDT

And before you could even say 'Wierd thread', we are back with the newest installment of the GL/Forktoad thread series thingy whatever.

Folks I know that everyone is eagerly anticipating what this thread is all about, I will have to admit that I have hit a wall on this one. (Maybe I should hire someone to write this for me)

So I am gonna let you guys off easy this time. 3.5M down 6.5M to go.

forktoad (Imperfect mage) QBGentlemanLoser (The One UC) $500000 5:39 AM EDT

(Anyone got a Painkiller the size of a truck? I got a headache trying to think out the next post. Ouch!)

forktoad June 5 2008 4:21 AM EDT

Sorry this installment had to be so late GL. Reality came calling and I just had to answer the door bell.

forktoad (Imperfect mage) QBGentlemanLoser (The One UC) $400000 4:18 AM EDT

I'll try to pay up within a month or so. For the moment, I am kind of busy so it will get a bit late.
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