Single Minion SoD (in General)

Pheather May 17 2008 7:03 AM EDT

Would a single minion Sling of Deather work? It'd work the same way as a SMFB or a Single minion ToA archer.

(I want to try this out, but I need to make sure that there are no glaring strategy holes)

QBJohnnywas May 17 2008 7:15 AM EDT

It works absolutely fine (I've done it twice). I did mine with a ToA, Belegs and evasion...I got my last one to 2 million score as a single minion of about 1 million MPR.

Treat it the same as you would any single minion tank. Strong and fast is key. Evasion and AMF worked well for me. But you might find DM works better.

Where the weapon is concerned..same as any other - as much X and + as you can afford and fit under the WA/ENC limits.

Talion May 17 2008 7:23 AM EDT

Compared to a SFBM...

- A LOT more expensive.
- Harder to stay alive against Evasion/EC teams.
- Less XP to invest in Evasion/DM.
- If ToA is used, dies faster than with ToE.

- Deals more damage against AMF teams.

Compared to single ToA archers...

- Cannot target mages and DD familiars instead of Evasion wall (MgS)
- Deals less damage on the targeted minion.
- GA is really effective against Explosive Shots.

- Damages every enemy minion.
- No need to train Archery.

Wizard'sFirstRule May 17 2008 7:33 AM EDT

I think the main problem is that your PR would be higher than if you went SFBM. At the dead zone, there isn't much you can strip down.

Brakke Bres [Ow man] May 17 2008 8:46 AM EDT

Single sod slingers rock, however a few things to consider:

Evasion will own you.
GA (if you don't train DM) will own you.
You need a huge SoD that can fit just under your WA and Encumbrance lvls.

You can kill a team in one round.
You don't have to train archery or any skill for that matter.
The ToA isn't a must to run a SoD minion.
The Sod is an awesome weapon to be feared.

Pheather May 17 2008 1:46 PM EDT

If the shot hits the guy in the front, is it sure to hit all the guys in the back? Example: I hit the 20-hp enchanter, but there's a evasion minion behind him. Will it hit the evasion guy for certain?

(I can just imagine the evasion minion doing a matrix-style move only to have the shot hit the guy behind him, blowing both of them up)

QBJohnnywas May 17 2008 1:50 PM EDT

If you hit a minion with the SoD you hit all of them. Evasion only works against the direct hit. So if you don't hit the minion you're targetting you won't hit anybody.

Windwalker May 17 2008 2:39 PM EDT

Oh if only you Could target which minion to hit first with the SoD JW!! I think for one minion it dilutes your exp.too much.Talion said it best GA and AS are very effective against ex.shot.So you don't have to train archery,you still have to train HP,DX,ST an ED..did I mention Evasion? Good luck with one guy ;)

Pheather May 17 2008 4:28 PM EDT

Wouldn't it be the same as if with two guys? If one trains an EO and ED and the other is the SoD guy. There would be the same dilution, even worse, since 50% of your exp must go to the EO and ED and 50% must go to everything else, instead of having a choice with a single minion.

Windwalker May 17 2008 4:50 PM EDT

Rocket-and there in lies the dilemma. You will also have to keep your SoD right at Max.WA (and that's not cheap) to be effective with the higher ups. Single Mage is a better option hands down. DD-no cost,Evasion-zip,Armor-who needs it ;) Stack your chips. Hard to beat.
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