There once was a ... (in Contests)

j'bob May 21 2008 8:44 AM EDT

Moltenwolf llama
who it's said did enjoy lots of drama,
and though he caused a big fright
and you'd call him to fight
he would simple say "yeah? well, your mama"

Limerick. Make one up about GW (moltenwolf).
GW (though he doesn't know it yet) and I will decide who's is the best and he/she will get a PRIZE. No I'm not telling you what the prize is. Yeah, it's a pretty good prize. Ok, it's not a Corn or TSA, but it's not a pair of leather boots or a lesser tattoo either. :D
2 entries per CB'er. You may submit them at separate times or at once.
This ends.... hmmmmmm, whenever.
Oh and I didn't want to have to say this but I'm learning my lesson about stuff...
IT MUST BE PG. (no pming me naughty limericks about GW. they won't win and I just plain don't wanna hear em. ick)

Wizard'sFirstRule May 21 2008 8:48 AM EDT

There was once a GodWolf
who doesn't like to move.
we put him in a blender,
which will make him slender,
and he walks out on his hoofs

I know a limerick should have the structure long/long/short/short/long, but I am no languist. and my brain is melting. mmmm... gooey brain.

TheHatchetman May 21 2008 8:52 AM EDT

This is an ode to Jee Dub,
The only llama we love.
Damn right he may whine,
But that's just a sign,
He's hungry and just needs a sub (or hero, grinder, whatever...) :P

Zoglog[T] [big bucks] May 21 2008 9:01 AM EDT

There was a GW who said hello
To all those who joined the show
He is a great guy,
And never too shy
He just doesn't know when to let it all go.

QBOddBird May 21 2008 11:37 AM EDT

There once was a doggy named Molly!
(Please do not confuse this with Polly.)
He'd bark and he'd growl,
culminate with a howl,
and we all covered our ears at his folly!

There once was a Moltenwolf dog
who liked to run fast through the fog
he ran and he ran
right into a man!
who got pissed and stuffed him in a log.

Daz May 21 2008 12:21 PM EDT

There once was a wolfen deity
who really was quite mighty.
He then joined the Blender
and to be a contender,
He went Fight, fight, fighty.

iBananco [Blue Army] May 21 2008 3:00 PM EDT

There once was a Godwolf of orange

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] May 21 2008 3:11 PM EDT

...whose joints they did creak like a door hinge
he was weak as a kitten
wore fuzzy mittens
and had the whole world before him

j'bob May 21 2008 10:18 PM EDT

there once was a ... bump

pickleman May 21 2008 10:31 PM EDT

There once was a contest about a Moltenwolf which really made no sense though people try to rhyme they ain't got the time so j'bob please choose me!

QBOddBird May 21 2008 10:36 PM EDT

The Moltenwolf let out a "ruff!"
and showed the whole world it was tough
then along came a bunny
it thought he was funny
'Cuz the bunny saw through his dumb bluff!

There once was a wolf that played CB
It thought it could take on ole G_Beee
A swing and a miss!
He started to hiss,
"I'd win if it weren't for your DB!"

iBananco [Blue Army] May 21 2008 10:56 PM EDT

There once was a Godwolf content,
whom Meso had many words sent.
He PMed one day
in an innocent way,
but missed and sent love notes to Brent.

AdminNightStrike May 21 2008 11:04 PM EDT

There once was an ailing investor
whose assets had all been sequestored
But a wolf-man came by,
and let out a cry:
"By golly, I'll help you get all your money back through an efficient loans business that I'll handle 100% of and you won't have to worry about, so it'll be win-win for all!"

.... I'm only half-Irish.....

QBOddBird May 21 2008 11:10 PM EDT

There once was a wolf with a bane,
not a llama, mind you, but a dane!
but his name was changed,
he became deranged!
Shortly after he declared, "I'm insane!"

AdminNightStrike May 21 2008 11:17 PM EDT

There was an old man from Nantucket
Who harkened to just kick the bucket
But when Godwolf appeared
The family then cheered
For he made the old man say, "Oh, forget it....."

I'm getting better :)

AdminNightStrike May 21 2008 11:24 PM EDT

Way back in 19 ought 9
A wolf came to Galway's coal mine
It was on a volcano
without enough drain-o
The eruption made "Molten" his name-o.......-ine

I'm having trouble with the last lines of all these...

AdminNightStrike May 21 2008 11:32 PM EDT

The wolf-man did have quite the peeve
And subsequently threatened to leave
But 'lo, he was fakin'
Unless I'm mistaken,
He just wanted to see if we'd grieve

Well that one rhymed, but it's more depressing than funny.......

AdminNightStrike May 21 2008 11:50 PM EDT

In class, the Wolf is a clown, two.
But I guess what it really comes down to
is that when I write on my chair
She don't know that I'm there
and I can morph into a hound, too

This one probably requires too much thinking for what I was trying to say...... But I really liked the triplet of to's.

QBOddBird May 21 2008 11:57 PM EDT

Wand'ring round late in the street,
I noticed odd prints in the sleet.
They looked like wolf paws,
but toes replaced claws!
A wolf or a man? What a cheat.

Say, does a wolf have a bum?
I wondered as I drank my rum.
I chased down miss molly,
and cried out good golly!
Her butt is the tail-n-bum's sum!

AdminNightStrike May 22 2008 12:00 AM EDT

We all know the town of Loch Ness
full of superstition, the people confess.
But what they'll never confide
is what you and I hide:
that Godwolf's the lake's real princess!

I did a real one!!!

QBOddBird May 22 2008 12:00 AM EDT

Bravo!!!! That one's a good'un

QBOddBird May 22 2008 12:02 AM EDT

There once was an Atheist Knight,
He was both Wolf and God's delight!
But a witch quite contrary
transformed him to fairy
now he helps little boys sail through the night!

AdminNightStrike May 22 2008 12:09 AM EDT

But have you heard of Gabriel Knight?
His adventures deliver such fright!
I hope Godwolf knows
that despite flying shows,
I think Peter would lose in a fight

QBOddBird May 22 2008 12:16 AM EDT

Peter the Piper, you mean?
A pickled-pepper picking machine!
But as Godwolf has found,
whilst chasing him 'round,
his pickles aren't worth a stale bean!

Relic May 22 2008 12:26 AM EDT

There once was a Godwolf from Amazon,
who used to put nighties of his grammazon.
The reason was that, he was too fat,
to get his own pajamazon.


AdminNightStrike May 22 2008 12:27 AM EDT

We all know Wolf's standards are high
This even he won't deny
It is no surprise
That Peter's demise
is because Jack's stalk touches the sky

QBOddBird May 22 2008 12:40 AM EDT

Jack hired a girl named Lasatress
to help as he lay on the mattress
she climbed on his beanstalk
till she started to sweet-talk
and he realized she was truly an actress.

(sorry Molly, I just had to follow the storyline.)

j'bob May 22 2008 9:41 AM EDT

oh my. what a way to start the morning.
This is the real reason to run a contest... for the FUNNIES.
oh my side hurts. thank you. thank you all.
this may end soon enough. XD

Zoglog[T] [big bucks] May 22 2008 10:26 AM EDT

There was a wolf from the US
Who played CB couldn't you guess
he played night and day
in such a fun way
although Mushu did once wear a dress

QBOddBird May 22 2008 11:48 AM EDT

There once was a Godwolf named Bob
Why Bob? 'cuz it rhymes with knob!
He had a cool contest
OB put his skills on test
and soon realized he wrote like a slob!

BootyGod May 22 2008 5:46 PM EDT

J'bob... I'm burning a Buddy Lee Man of Action right now. Just so you know.

You all fail. Epic fail. Legendary fail. You fail the kind of fail that reminds you where the saying "to fail" came from. FAIL.

Though, JS' was beautiful. Probably my favorite right now.

Though, in terms of quality, there were some really good ones.

*would have preferred Haikus, probably*

AdminNightStrike May 22 2008 9:00 PM EDT

aww, come on, GW.. mine were good..... :(

QBOddBird May 23 2008 3:49 AM EDT

Fine! You get no more limericks.

And I hope all your clovers only have 2 leaves.

j'bob May 23 2008 7:46 AM EDT

Ok, Molten has given me a LITTLE to work with. if i get nothing more from him, I'll call this later on!

(GW, Buddy Lee is fire proof, have you not seen the commercials? duh)

BootyGod May 23 2008 4:16 PM EDT

Awh ;P

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] May 23 2008 4:35 PM EDT

Along came dubya g
a friend to many and me
harumph he cried
and all our hopes died
I guess I'll write one for GB

j'bob May 23 2008 5:18 PM EDT

Well, GW led me to believe that among his favorites, JS sat nearest the top. Add that to the fact that he's one of the only (?) ones to stay with in the rules.... I declare JS the winner!

j'bob (who me) JS (Felys) 500,000 Explosive Shots ($150001) -- winner!!! 5:16 PM EDT

Thanks to all of you, NS in particular for giving me soo many good giggles!
I think GW may not want me to run any more contests about him :D

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] May 23 2008 5:24 PM EDT


[LittleRed]Calynne May 26 2008 9:59 PM EDT

But but but... I liked Nightstrike's best!!!!!!! :(

This contest was fixed, I tell you...

AdminNightStrike May 27 2008 10:37 AM EDT


QBOddBird May 27 2008 10:39 AM EDT

I liked NS's best as well. =\

Especially the old man and the bucket.

iBananco [Blue Army] May 27 2008 10:40 AM EDT


QBOddBird May 27 2008 10:57 AM EDT

<3 to you too though JS.

and to Relic's 'pajammazon.'
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