hi (in New players)

Andrea June 2 2008 1:33 PM EDT

hi im new and they said i can join a clan to earn money so is there anyone out there i can join

QBOddBird June 2 2008 1:41 PM EDT

Welcome to CB!

Just check your sidebar where it says clan, click Join, and try to find one of the standard clans with an open policy to join. :)

Hope you like the game!

RVT June 2 2008 1:49 PM EDT

hello and welcome.

j'bob June 2 2008 2:57 PM EDT

Welcome to the blender! Read the wiki and ask question's (the people in chat usually like answering them even if only to make themselves feel smarter) and smell the foot. ^

Vaynard [Fees Dirt Cheap] June 2 2008 6:36 PM EDT

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